Thursday, September 21, 2017

Know Enemy: Terrorist's Mentality.

Terrorists are not above committing crimes as escorting narcotics or weapons smugglers. Motive can be to protect their own people, to arm them as well.

Abdul Hakim Murad, a terrorist interrogated by Filipinese Police before his extradition to USA admitted that United States & Israel are considered to be harmful to Muslims by Terrorists. While killing U.S. people fills them with joy, it's about Islam, not about U.S.

Suicide is punishable sin in Islam, there is hell & suffering for that.

But those who are patient, prepare, fight & die for Allah are welcomed in heavens as Martyrs - with a proper rewards.

Many of Terrorists & Paramilitary groups have strong ideology & companionship sense, can distinguish good from evil clearly, mostly in the black and white terms - but for their Causes they can do anything, the Cause explains all.

Psychological diagnosis of Terrorists didn't show mental illness symptoms in most cases, even if their activity is considered by reasonable men & women as insane. But psychology has a strict definitions of mental illness & symptoms anyway. There are many different psychological types among Terrorists.

Osama Bin Laden, the Terrorist Leader responsible for World Trade Center Attack, had a certain magnetism. He called to prevalent in the Muslim World feelings of humiliation & helplesness. He could show black & white to those for whom life became too complex. Additionally he gave them sense that they are worthy of a given mission.

Islamic Terrorists use prayers & religious texts to reinforce their faith, to disregard troubles, inconveniences & hardships on their way to 'the martyrdom'.

They plan, train, learn about killing methods, make connections, collect weapons, recruit & indoctrinate people.

Their plans include possibility of getting caught - so they have weapons & check them before 'missions'.

Their faith makes them not worry about consequences, they adhere to 'holy rites', for example they can bathe before going on their last run.

They use subterfuge & misdirection, carrying 'pledges' - as it was for example with holy christian cross, bible, priest's robes & pope's image when they planned to kill pope. In case of getting checked these 'pledges' would give them credibility as they lied to authorities.

-- Source: 'Al-Kaida. Bractwo Terroru.' by Paul L. Williams (a Book about Al-Qaueda, Brotherhood of Terror).

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