Saturday, September 2, 2017

Inner Way.

Blessing the Sun by WhiteBook.

Warrior's Secret Initiation.

Sun Tzu is Master Sun, as in the Art of War.

Sun Tzu is the Battlefield, but not only.

Men & Women fight for Love, their desire makes them stronger & more aggresive - but true strength requires calming mind, defeating ego, thinking, focus & controlling anger as well.


Tantra is the Holy Buddhist Text, and practices associated with that. It's not only Holy Tantric Sex.

Mantra Way.

Mantrayana is the Mantra Way.

Mantra is Protecting Sound, Mantras affect mind first, then body & speech.

Any sound can be mantra on a certain level of realization.

Mantras can be spoken in mind or aloud, i think there are mantras on body level as well - gestures, punches, kicks, holy signs, etc.

Mantrayana is a Tantra Way as well.


1. One of most important Karate lessons i had came from Sensei Andrzej Niedzielski of BKKK. He taught that meditating Martial Artists have mind & body conditioned by training, then we fight by observing both mind & body, of oneself & opponent, then playing 'a chess game' with opponent by speaking mantras in mind. Both Mind & Body is conditioned to react to mantras appropriately, reacting very fast.

2. There are Inner Lessons of Martial Arts, including Qi Gong. It's practices involving Mind & Energy, using Breath, Atemi & more as well.

3. HUNG mantra is good choice of using as Kiai, battle shout. it affects mind & body, defeats fear & anger mostly.

(i have more ideas, but i am not ready to reveal more because of my safety, idiocy & a wish to protect others - please do not hurry me too much to do so, it will benefit all far more to wait, it will protect others from stupid, misleading & false lessons as well).

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