Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Preparing for Martial Arts Style Creation.

i've trained for about five years, it's not long.

Yet, i've absorbed many of mind-lessons, including meditation & breath.

i've a strong wish to create my own enlightening martial arts style, for benefit of myself & others.

i've decided that a central lesson would be Qi Gong, energetic practice for physical health & mental benefits of the Shaolin Monastery, from which all Martial Arts emerged.

i've rethought foundations & attitude of my training to follow, which is summarized in following words:
- Practice should involve Buddhist Bodhicitta & Paramitas,
- Practice should slowly start including Buddhist Kalachakra Practice,
- Practice should be seen as working with Mind & Body, with Thoughts, Emotions, Visualizations, Energy, Breath and Nervomuscular Conditioning.

Inner work will involve visualizing myself training for benefit of all, focusing earnestly on a current practice. this way bodhicitta, paramitas & mindfulness will be involved, it's an opening for accepting Kalachakra Vows as well.

It will be meditation during movement.

Breath control, rythm, self-awareness, opponents-awareness, space-awareness & time-awareness are part of internal & external practices, i should put more emphasis on this.

i should practice Qi Gong for now - not neglecting it's opening meditation, warm-up & stretching, practice should last to the point of serious tiring, but not to the point of extertion. it's because of practical reasons as health & other.

Meditation practices should not be mixed, thus meditation should be kepts basic & simple, even if i know & did more advanced meditations which are parts of different teachings. over time these should evolve naturally into the more advanced, appropriate forms.

This style eventually will involve both unarmed combat as well as armed combat. Mostly a Knife & a Gas Guns of varied types (including ones that shoot pepper-gas-balls or gum-balls at a quite long distance as well), but also other weapons to a lesser degree - including Ninjato, Katana Sword & Yawara.

Training should include handling self-defense in real life situations, including tight corners & open-space combat, including combat psychology, self-defense against knife, knife duels, knife throwing, disarming armed opponent - even with a pistol, shooting-range exercises & paintball exercises.

See also: Crane Style, 4th Kyu, Qigong, Protector's Outfit.

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