Saturday, August 26, 2017

Kitaro - Matsuri.

Kitaro - Matsuri.

Matsuri is Japanese Holiday.

We used to train Karate Kyokushinkai by this music at BKKK under Mariusz Mazur's Teachings, when club was in AWF (Physical Development Academy) in Bielany, Warsaw, Poland.

i think this music helps to gather inner energy, strength, motivation & focus.

i occasionally listen to it to celebrate Martial-Arts related successess, sometimes to motivate myself.

Self-Defence Civilian Paramilitary Organization against Terror Threats.


i am planning to create Practical Martial Arts style that uses both traditional methods & weapons, as well as modern nonlethal methods & weapons.

i plan to create & share this style, to teach for benefit of all.

Organizing Self-Defense.

i plan to train people in self defense methods, but also to create Civilian Paramilitary Organization of Idealistic people Cooperating for Mutual Self Defense, mostly against rising Terrorist Threats in the West.

Mostly against Islamic Terror threats, but not only.

Against Islam without Terror we won't move, i try to be peaceful, open-minded & tolerant even that way.

We will train & operate mostly in urban areas, mostly in Warsaw, Poland - i'll study urban combat tactics for that.

Perhaps others with me, however - will operate outside urban areas as well.

i'll make legal arrangements when ready, it's still far-in-future plan, i think.

i'll let someone more competent to lead this organization, however - when ready & when right people arrive.

i think there are Sects that propagate Terror, not only Islamic Sects. We'll educate & protect against Sectarian abuse, not only related with Terror - also against Buddhist Sects that abuse (i am a buddhist, but i believe that 'inner enemy' is far worse than any external enemy) and also against Sects of other Religions or Ways that do abuse. Not all of Sects do abuse. i try to be perfectly moral in regards of Sects, even if i lack proper words to express my attitude. If/when i'll go too far or make considerable error, i'll officially apologize with great modesty and accept full consequences as well.

Terrorists illegal undercover cells emerge as hydra's thousands' heads, in many places, in many times, do some recruitment, planning then reorganize under 'better' leaders into larger, more 'efficient' organizations. Then do damage.

That's one of reasons of why Terrorism' Threat is so hard to defeat. As with mythical monster hydra - in place of one cut head, many more grow.

i attempt to mirror & counter this trend by creating a self-defense cell, do some initial work then let it grow under better leadership while keeping involved.

Often countering threats involves mirroring parts of their methods, and adding something else to increase efficiency.

i think that countering multiple threat-source cells should involve creating many self-defense cells as well. With many cells arising, methods vary, operatibility increases (operatibility is amount of tools at our disposal), low-profile is kept for advantage, some of us operate in low costs, some in high costs - facing appropriate threats, and supporing each other as well. Leadership & management becomes ever-more-efficient with time and it's a lasting quality, it's hard to counter us as well - at least not with a single strategy.

With the rising threat of the Terror in the West, European Union should invite such civilian initiatives sooner or later as socially needed.

Even that terror attacks do not happen in Poland as of yet, terrorists are active - i've met someone who recruited for them already.

We can prepare methods for when it's needed in future, train, educate, spread posters, webpages & other media with advices & awareness material as well.

What methods we can use in future?
- Martial Arts & Self-Defense (i am developing martial arts & self-defense style to teach),
- Combat Readiness,
- Psychotherapy (i am on a course to be a psychotherapist - probably i'll specialize in helping abuse & terror victims - and in getting truth told - but not at cost of patient's health, and in resocialisation),
- Legal (expert advices in court - mostly on terror, sects & mental health, perhaps more),
- Education & Awareness (web pages, blogs, posters, books, meetings, art, perhaps more),
- Internet Surveillance (i am a Professional Information Technology Scientist),
- Education & Propaganda,
- probably more (we'll see how my future will develop, and who will join).


Friday, August 25, 2017

Mission Less Lethal TPR.

i've bought a gas gun that is cheap to buy & keep, that is nonlethal & legal (RMG-19 Kolter).

It's main down side is very short effective range (0,5 - 2 meters), so i've looked for better solutions.

Solution is pepper-gas-ball throwers, some of them legal and effective at a range of about 15 meters (about 50 feet).

They are far more expensive, however - and i think the ammunition & compressed CO2 containers have to be replaced quite often. This adds significiantly to the cost.

i think i'll buy one someday, but for now can't afford that.

Example of such a gun is: Mission Less Lethal TPR.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Preparing for Martial Arts Style Creation.

i've trained for about five years, it's not long.

Yet, i've absorbed many of mind-lessons, including meditation & breath.

i've a strong wish to create my own enlightening martial arts style, for benefit of myself & others.

i've decided that a central lesson would be Qi Gong, energetic practice for physical health & mental benefits of the Shaolin Monastery, from which all Martial Arts emerged.

i've rethought foundations & attitude of my training to follow, which is summarized in following words:
- Practice should involve Buddhist Bodhicitta & Paramitas,
- Practice should slowly start including Buddhist Kalachakra Practice,
- Practice should be seen as working with Mind & Body, with Thoughts, Emotions, Visualizations, Energy, Breath and Nervomuscular Conditioning.

Inner work will involve visualizing myself training for benefit of all, focusing earnestly on a current practice. this way bodhicitta, paramitas & mindfulness will be involved, it's an opening for accepting Kalachakra Vows as well.

It will be meditation during movement.

Breath control, rythm, self-awareness, opponents-awareness, space-awareness & time-awareness are part of internal & external practices, i should put more emphasis on this.

i should practice Qi Gong for now - not neglecting it's opening meditation, warm-up & stretching, practice should last to the point of serious tiring, but not to the point of extertion. it's because of practical reasons as health & other.

Meditation practices should not be mixed, thus meditation should be kepts basic & simple, even if i know & did more advanced meditations which are parts of different teachings. over time these should evolve naturally into the more advanced, appropriate forms.

This style eventually will involve both unarmed combat as well as armed combat. Mostly a Knife & a Gas Guns of varied types (including ones that shoot pepper-gas-balls or gum-balls at a quite long distance as well), but also other weapons to a lesser degree - including Ninjato, Katana Sword & Yawara.

Training should include handling self-defense in real life situations, including tight corners & open-space combat, including combat psychology, self-defense against knife, knife duels, knife throwing, disarming armed opponent - even with a pistol, shooting-range exercises & paintball exercises.

See also: Crane Style, 4th Kyu, Qigong, Protector's Outfit.