Saturday, May 13, 2017

Limited Training.

For years i could not train, mostly because of:
- lack of money,
- mental blocks.

i could think of Martial Arts, thinking is also training on Mind level - that much i could and still can.

i am very grateful for that.

Recently matured to the decision of including Qi Gong as a central lesson in a style i wish to create, then ordered the Shaolin Qi Gong DVD training aid.

Buddhist Qi Gong is an Enlightening Activity, i read - and Shaolin is the Buddhist Monastery, afterall.

Should arrive this month.

i'll be able to practice Qi Gong in my apartment, finally a training that includes Mind & Body together, it's both inner & external lessons joined.

i am very grateful for this as well.

In future i wish to visit Shaolin Temple if possible, to receive direct transmission of Qi Gong methods for completion, then continue training & development of my style.

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