Friday, May 12, 2017


Bubo is a type of an Owl. Owls are symbols of Wisdom.

'Jitsu' or 'Jutsu' means a combat method, as contrasted to 'Do' - which means 'the Way'.

For example: Aikido, Aikijutsu.

Martial Arts can be either utilitarian, meant as a way of self-defense & protection - or can be a Way of Life.

Thinking is also a part of Martial Arts training, i am sure.

i am able to train that way for now at least, i am very grateful for that.

Martial Thoughts can influence how one trains & fights later.

Bubojitsu is a Philosophy aspect, a thinking aspect of the Martial Arts.

See also, if You wish: Joining Martial Arts' Pearls of Wisdom into a Mala of many Pearl Beads.

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