Friday, May 19, 2017

A Rule of Six.

i think in my style-to-be-created, i'll focus on series of maneuvers, with each maneuver lasting about a half-second.

A single maneuver can be a punch, a kick, a breath in, a throw, distancing, two-fast-punches-while-letting-breath-out, etc ... perhaps there will be also maneuvers that will take a whole second or more. in this case it will be double- or triple-maneuver, etc.

i'll try to compose these maneuvers into series of six - that is, into the three second series.

Six is a very fluid number ... thus we can execute three times two-maneuvers, two times three-maneuvers, a three-maneuver with a two-maneuver & a breath, etc.

There should be no gaps between six-maneuvers as well.

The number of six has great mathematical properties, six-seconds times ten equals one minute, six times eighteen is the holy number of 108, six times fourteen is also holy number of 84.

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