Friday, May 19, 2017

A Rule of Six.

i think in my style-to-be-created, i'll focus on series of maneuvers, with each maneuver lasting about a half-second.

A single maneuver can be a punch, a kick, a breath in, a throw, distancing, two-fast-punches-while-letting-breath-out, etc ... perhaps there will be also maneuvers that will take a whole second or more. in this case it will be double- or triple-maneuver, etc.

i'll try to compose these maneuvers into series of six - that is, into the three second series.

Six is a very fluid number ... thus we can execute three times two-maneuvers, two times three-maneuvers, a three-maneuver with a two-maneuver & a breath, etc.

There should be no gaps between six-maneuvers as well.

The number of six has great mathematical properties, six-seconds times ten equals one minute, six times eighteen is the holy number of 108, six times fourteen is also holy number of 84.


In Martial Arts & related idea-worlds Aiki has following meanings:

- Balance,
- Harmony,
- Joining,
- Peace,
- Love.

- Spirit,
- Energy,
- Inner Strength,
- Lifeforce.

Aiki is also 'work', 'practice', 'training'.

Aiki in Martial Arts is also 'pulling when enemy pushes & pushing when enemy pulls' - using enemy's strength & momentum against him, to defeat with the minimal force use.

It's also 'blending in combat without clashing', finding optimal distance & position to strike - there are also methods to unbalance enemy's body & mind.

This goes well with Atemi, as one can strike, pressure or bend vital points or body parts to lead enemy's body as Martial Artist needs to win. For example by bending a joint, throwing enemy on ground, then finishing with a strike at a vital part.

Use of inner strength (ki) may involve the use of breathing coordinated with movement. This natural power can be produced when body and consciousness (mind) are unified.

Smaller, with more fragile bodies, weaker (muscles-wise, but not training-wise) Martial Artists can win against much larger, heavier or stronger-muscled enemies that way. This is good news for women as well, i think.

Greater practice with Martial Arts allows to defeat enemies without killing as well.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Limited Training.

For years i could not train, mostly because of:
- lack of money,
- mental blocks.

i could think of Martial Arts, thinking is also training on Mind level - that much i could and still can.

i am very grateful for that.

Recently matured to the decision of including Qi Gong as a central lesson in a style i wish to create, then ordered the Shaolin Qi Gong DVD training aid.

Buddhist Qi Gong is an Enlightening Activity, i read - and Shaolin is the Buddhist Monastery, afterall.

Should arrive this month.

i'll be able to practice Qi Gong in my apartment, finally a training that includes Mind & Body together, it's both inner & external lessons joined.

i am very grateful for this as well.

In future i wish to visit Shaolin Temple if possible, to receive direct transmission of Qi Gong methods for completion, then continue training & development of my style.

Friday, May 12, 2017


Bubo is a type of an Owl. Owls are symbols of Wisdom.

'Jitsu' or 'Jutsu' means a combat method, as contrasted to 'Do' - which means 'the Way'.

For example: Aikido, Aikijutsu.

Martial Arts can be either utilitarian, meant as a way of self-defense & protection - or can be a Way of Life.

Thinking is also a part of Martial Arts training, i am sure.

i am able to train that way for now at least, i am very grateful for that.

Martial Thoughts can influence how one trains & fights later.

Bubojitsu is a Philosophy aspect, a thinking aspect of the Martial Arts.

See also, if You wish: Joining Martial Arts' Pearls of Wisdom into a Mala of many Pearl Beads.