Monday, October 16, 2017

To Train, To Defeat Ego.

Martial Artists should defeat their egos on the Martial Arts Way, instead of feeding egos with Martial Arts.

Martial Arts lead to that, anyway - so initial errors are a part of the training, at first one should not worry too much.

i fight against ego to Train Martial Arts as well, the 'Shinden' Mantra will help me sooner or later with that. Today i Learned it Deeper, as well.

Ego is the Relentless Enemy of every Buddhist & Martial Artists, fight against ego ruins internally & externally - one purifies a lot of karma in short time, going through misfortunes, facting inner & external obstacles on the Way.

i'll fight to Train More, eventually i'll succeed. If not in this life, then in next ones, after Reincarnation.

i try to not be lazy, above line is not just an excuse to not train in this life, it's just my determination that goes for so long. i wish to keep & keep relearning, deepening this attitude, to not let laziness kick in. Laziness is egoistic anyway, it feeds ego.

Let's Keep Training, let's not give up.

True Hero is one who defeats one's own ego, who defeats himself. Defeating even thousands of enemies externally in battle is not so good compared to that.

i didn't use word 'herself' but 'himself' to not harm women too much. They work harder internally, are far more sensitive & affected by suggestions, this would be too much of rape to them. They will fight anyway - and should - but not so extremally, men should care more than them - they are worse, anyway. For benefit of all.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Self - Development.

i trained Martial Arts for about 5 years, mostly Karate Kyokushinkai - it's not long.

Beside Training under Qualified Instructors, i trained on my own - but very little.

i think Martial Arts have this quality that with time one discovers one's own moves.

i discovered a few of maneuvers as well, some more, some less developed - these are unpracticed in a fight.

My moves involve circular movements & pushing, as well as tripping opponents - and combinations with more solid moves i had from Qualified Instructors.

i think such development is significiant, will add to a martial arts style i am creating.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Know Yourself: Defeat's Lessons.

It's the known wisdom that one learns the most from defeats.

From victories one learns less.

i think it's worth to train with better opponents.

One of the most ennobling lessons in this way was when i was defeated by a woman in a nonlethal foam knife fight - years ago in Hanshi Piotrkowicz's Samurai School, in the Tantojutsu Section.

i didn't focus on training against her, i focused on learning the most.

It wasn't utter defeat, but she beat me much more than i did against her - especially at the end of training round. She increased her advantage with time, i think she analyzed me very well.

My ego suffered, but i didn't give up on fight - both for the better, i think. One has to defeat one's own ego afterall to reach Liberation. Then next step is Enlightenment, when someone does more work. For many Liberation is enough, even if Enlightenment tempts still. i wish to reach Liberation & Enlightenment, i think everyone will reach Enlightenment anyway - but perhaps after long time, perhaps not in the same life - perhaps after enough of reincarnation(s).

It's a warning to not underestimate a woman with a knife - this is the most important lesson i got in this respect.

Women are smart, insidious, seductive, quick & agile quite often - this gives them advantage.

Women can fight for long, are easily underestimated, can be relentless opponents or enemies.

i wish to win against her eventually - preferably in this life, but not at all cost.

One has to Respect Women, i think & believe - in all aspects of life.

i think best Knife Fighters in the world are women, but then there are other aspects, styles & tools.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Know Enemy: Major Root of World's Terrorism, Israeli - Palestinian conflict.


i think it's wise to understand this & related ideas.

Israeli - Palestinian conflict is the Most Dangerous Root of growing Danger of the Terrorism in the World,
i think - but i am not sure yet, i am not an expert yet.

The Enemy in this case is The Conflict, not the Palestine or the Israel.

i think Palestine belongs to Israel, and Israel belongs to Palestine. i wish for Peace, but i support Israel more.


Central Israel next to the Palestinian National Authority
In the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, 2007.

The Israeli - Palestinian conflict is the ongoing struggle between Israelis and Palestinians that began in the mid-20th century.

The origins to the conflict can be traced back to Jewish immigration, and sectarian conflict in Mandatory Palestine between Jews and Arabs.

It has been referred to as the world's 'most intractable conflict', with the ongoing Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip reaching 50 years.

Despite a long-term peace process and the general reconciliation of Israel with Egypt and Jordan, Israelis and Palestinians have failed to reach a final peace agreement.

The key issues are: mutual recognition, borders, security, water rights, control of Jerusalem, Israeli settlements, Palestinian freedom of movement, and Palestinian right of return.

The violence of the conflict, in a region rich in sites of historic, cultural and religious interest worldwide, has been the object of numerous international conferences dealing with historic rights, security issues and human rights, and has been a factor hampering tourism in and general access to areas that are hotly contested.

Sources: Wikipedia, A New Kabbalah Perspective On International Terrorism.

See also, if You wish: Terrorism & Counter.



Thursday, September 21, 2017

Know Enemy: Terrorist's Mentality.

Terrorists are not above committing crimes as escorting narcotics or weapons smugglers. Motive can be to protect their own people, to arm them as well.

Abdul Hakim Murad, a terrorist interrogated by Filipinese Police before his extradition to USA admitted that United States & Israel are considered to be harmful to Muslims by Terrorists. While killing U.S. people fills them with joy, it's about Islam, not about U.S.

Suicide is punishable sin in Islam, there is hell & suffering for that.

But those who are patient, prepare, fight & die for Allah are welcomed in heavens as Martyrs - with a proper rewards.

Many of Terrorists & Paramilitary groups have strong ideology & companionship sense, can distinguish good from evil clearly, mostly in the black and white terms - but for their Causes they can do anything, the Cause explains all.

Psychological diagnosis of Terrorists didn't show mental illness symptoms in most cases, even if their activity is considered by reasonable men & women as insane. But psychology has a strict definitions of mental illness & symptoms anyway. There are many different psychological types among Terrorists.

Osama Bin Laden, the Terrorist Leader responsible for World Trade Center Attack, had a certain magnetism. He called to prevalent in the Muslim World feelings of humiliation & helplesness. He could show black & white to those for whom life became too complex. Additionally he gave them sense that they are worthy of a given mission.

Islamic Terrorists use prayers & religious texts to reinforce their faith, to disregard troubles, inconveniences & hardships on their way to 'the martyrdom'.

They plan, train, learn about killing methods, make connections, collect weapons, recruit & indoctrinate people.

Their plans include possibility of getting caught - so they have weapons & check them before 'missions'.

Their faith makes them not worry about consequences, they adhere to 'holy rites', for example they can bathe before going on their last run.

They use subterfuge & misdirection, carrying 'pledges' - as it was for example with holy christian cross, bible, priest's robes & pope's image when they planned to kill pope. In case of getting checked these 'pledges' would give them credibility as they lied to authorities.

-- Source: 'Al-Kaida. Bractwo Terroru.' by Paul L. Williams (a Book about Al-Qaueda, Brotherhood of Terror).

Monday, September 18, 2017

Keep Training.

- 'Martial Arts Brutality' Computer Game's screenshot. -

- ... click to see it on DeviantART. -

One of my friends once said that he finished his martial arts training, reaching Mastery level.

Is this the end?

No!!! Keep training!!!

i think Buddhists & Martial Artists - including blog's author - need mutual motivation - both internal & external, both from oneself & from others - so let's Keep Training.

One has to keep training for whole life and more (consider reincarnation) to not lose shape.

Mastery - black belt - is 1st Dan - but for many it's only beginning of the true training.

Even computer gamers know this, and not only them. It's well known wisdom of all self-respecting
Martial Artists.

Even after 10th Dan when there is no more of official ranks to gain, even at old age, one has to keep training.

After 10th Dan in one Martial Art, there are other Martial Arts as well to expand for - so there's very much to do.

But even if one decides to focus on a single style - one should train after maximum rank - there's still very much to do.

At youth i wished to attain at least 2nd Dan - preferably much more.

This blog's author wishes to reach 2nd Dan in this life if possible - in his own martial arts style as well as in Karate - no more, no less.

This blog's author wishes to reach 3rd Dan in this life if possible in Tantojutsu.

This blog's author wishes to reach 2nd Dan in Iaido in this life is possible, including with Katana, Ninjato, Knife, Gas Gun - and 10th Dan in Inner aspects of Iaido as Mindfulness, Initiative & Focus - if possible.

Why lower rank in my own style? Because i respect Tradition & greater Mastery than mine. Equally importantly, knife is Mahakala's Holy tool used to cut all that hinders - mostly ego. Mahakala is Buddhist Protector, Protecting Energy, Wrathful Deity. Mahakala can be perceived as Buddha as well - so we can awaken Buddha Mahakala's Protecting & Enlightening Qualities in ourselves. From Christianity's Perspective, Knife can be seen as Cross, i think & believe. Not only by shape, but also by weight one carries - both external & internal.

This blog's author wishes to practice many other Martial Art styles as well, not sure about rank aspirations as of yet, however.

This blog wishes to attain efficiency of inner ways - including Qi Gong, in martial arts philosophy & in the martial arts mantras - efficiency at 10th Dan levels in this life, if possible. Inner Ways should Protect as Mantras, with Wisdom of Martial Arts Philosophy, with Energy & Power of Qi Gong as well.

But still i wish to train after reaching these ranks.

i advise this attitude for other martial artists as well.

i plan to spend 1/4 of my life on Martial Arts.

P.S. in my opinion games, gamers & e-sports are not shit anyway.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Protector's Outfit.

To Protect effectively, one has to wear & carry proper clothing & tools.

Pants have to stretch, to protect from wear, temperature & sweat, to allow for kicking & running.

There's the need for convenient pockets to carry & conceal weapons as a gas gun or other.

-=- Mahakala's Outfit. -=-

Camo Pants i am wearing are designed for Military Martial Arts (Combat 56).

It's easy to do even high kicks with these pants, without damaging them at all - these stretch easily, by nature of stretchable thermoactive material used to make them.

These were made for military, for combat & camouflage - but there are no pockets as extra weight would hinder body balance & kicks.

No need to worry for damaging things in pockets as well.

-=- A Gas Pistol in a Coat. -=-

My utility coat's pockets are large enough to carry, protect & conceal my gas pistol.

If needed, i can carry my survival / combat knife in this or another pocket as well.

These pockets are closed with metal zip for extra protection.

For now i carry my knife in backpack however to not tempt me - i do not wish to hurt or kill anyway - my martial arts training & a gas gun in pocket are enough for now.

i feel more Combat-Ready now than ever (for Protection & Self-Defense) - even more with my new Camo Pants for Martial Arts i got today as well.

... it's quite nonlethal & effective readiness anyway, i think.

i have many other, less accessible, less protected & smaller pockets in my coat as well - for utility, wallet & other tools.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Martial Philosophy of the Sun & a Moon.

i think Martial Arts Philosophy can be very formiddable.

It's more important to outthink enemy than outfight him or her.

With Martial Arts Philosophy, enemy can be defeated utterly, without giving any chance for long - even after his or her defeat.

There are many Ancient Texts, with even more of modern extensions.

My Martial Philosophy should consist of two aspects.
- the Sun Aspect - Overt Protection, based on Sun Tzu's Art of War & Modern Tactics/Strategy books, as well as of enemy study such as books about Sects & Terrorism.
- a Moon Aspect - Covert Protection, Subterfuge & Lifestyle, based on the Tao Te Ching & Lao Tzu's work. Topics include Tao of Attack & Defense, Ninjutsu, Counter-Espionage & Espionage.

Sun Tzu is the Master Sun, is the Battlefield & not only.

Lao Tzu is the Gentle & Wise Master Moon, balanced Master of Tao & more.

- Perhaps i'll buy this book in future, for now i don't have. -

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Inner Way.

Blessing the Sun by WhiteBook.

Warrior's Secret Initiation.

Sun Tzu is Master Sun, as in the Art of War.

Sun Tzu is the Battlefield, but not only.

Men & Women fight for Love, their desire makes them stronger & more aggresive - but true strength requires calming mind, defeating ego, thinking, focus & controlling anger as well.


Tantra is the Holy Buddhist Text, and practices associated with that. It's not only Holy Tantric Sex.

Mantra Way.

Mantrayana is the Mantra Way.

Mantra is Protecting Sound, Mantras affect mind first, then body & speech.

Any sound can be mantra on a certain level of realization.

Mantras can be spoken in mind or aloud, i think there are mantras on body level as well - gestures, punches, kicks, holy signs, etc.

Mantrayana is a Tantra Way as well.


1. One of most important Karate lessons i had came from Sensei Andrzej Niedzielski of BKKK. He taught that meditating Martial Artists have mind & body conditioned by training, then we fight by observing both mind & body, of oneself & opponent, then playing 'a chess game' with opponent by speaking mantras in mind. Both Mind & Body is conditioned to react to mantras appropriately, reacting very fast.

2. There are Inner Lessons of Martial Arts, including Qi Gong. It's practices involving Mind & Energy, using Breath, Atemi & more as well.

3. HUNG mantra is good choice of using as Kiai, battle shout. it affects mind & body, defeats fear & anger mostly.

(i have more ideas, but i am not ready to reveal more because of my safety, idiocy & a wish to protect others - please do not hurry me too much to do so, it will benefit all far more to wait, it will protect others from stupid, misleading & false lessons as well).

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Kitaro - Matsuri.

Kitaro - Matsuri.

Matsuri is Japanese Holiday.

We used to train Karate Kyokushinkai by this music at BKKK under Mariusz Mazur's Teachings, when club was in AWF (Physical Development Academy) in Bielany, Warsaw, Poland.

i think this music helps to gather inner energy, strength, motivation & focus.

i occasionally listen to it to celebrate Martial-Arts related successess, sometimes to motivate myself.

Self-Defence Civilian Paramilitary Organization against Terror Threats.


i am planning to create Practical Martial Arts style that uses both traditional methods & weapons, as well as modern nonlethal methods & weapons.

i plan to create & share this style, to teach for benefit of all.

Organizing Self-Defense.

i plan to train people in self defense methods, but also to create Civilian Paramilitary Organization of Idealistic people Cooperating for Mutual Self Defense, mostly against rising Terrorist Threats in the West.

Mostly against Islamic Terror threats, but not only.

Against Islam without Terror we won't move, i try to be peaceful, open-minded & tolerant even that way.

We will train & operate mostly in urban areas, mostly in Warsaw, Poland - i'll study urban combat tactics for that.

Perhaps others with me, however - will operate outside urban areas as well.

i'll make legal arrangements when ready, it's still far-in-future plan, i think.

i'll let someone more competent to lead this organization, however - when ready & when right people arrive.

i think there are Sects that propagate Terror, not only Islamic Sects. We'll educate & protect against Sectarian abuse, not only related with Terror - also against Buddhist Sects that abuse (i am a buddhist, but i believe that 'inner enemy' is far worse than any external enemy) and also against Sects of other Religions or Ways that do abuse. Not all of Sects do abuse. i try to be perfectly moral in regards of Sects, even if i lack proper words to express my attitude. If/when i'll go too far or make considerable error, i'll officially apologize with great modesty and accept full consequences as well.

Terrorists illegal undercover cells emerge as hydra's thousands' heads, in many places, in many times, do some recruitment, planning then reorganize under 'better' leaders into larger, more 'efficient' organizations. Then do damage.

That's one of reasons of why Terrorism' Threat is so hard to defeat. As with mythical monster hydra - in place of one cut head, many more grow.

i attempt to mirror & counter this trend by creating a self-defense cell, do some initial work then let it grow under better leadership while keeping involved.

Often countering threats involves mirroring parts of their methods, and adding something else to increase efficiency.

i think that countering multiple threat-source cells should involve creating many self-defense cells as well. With many cells arising, methods vary, operatibility increases (operatibility is amount of tools at our disposal), low-profile is kept for advantage, some of us operate in low costs, some in high costs - facing appropriate threats, and supporing each other as well. Leadership & management becomes ever-more-efficient with time and it's a lasting quality, it's hard to counter us as well - at least not with a single strategy.

With the rising threat of the Terror in the West, European Union should invite such civilian initiatives sooner or later as socially needed.

Even that terror attacks do not happen in Poland as of yet, terrorists are active - i've met someone who recruited for them already.

We can prepare methods for when it's needed in future, train, educate, spread posters, webpages & other media with advices & awareness material as well.

What methods we can use in future?
- Martial Arts & Self-Defense (i am developing martial arts & self-defense style to teach),
- Combat Readiness,
- Psychotherapy (i am on a course to be a psychotherapist - probably i'll specialize in helping abuse & terror victims - and in getting truth told - but not at cost of patient's health, and in resocialisation),
- Legal (expert advices in court - mostly on terror, sects & mental health, perhaps more),
- Education & Awareness (web pages, blogs, posters, books, meetings, art, perhaps more),
- Internet Surveillance (i am a Professional Information Technology Scientist),
- Education & Propaganda,
- probably more (we'll see how my future will develop, and who will join).


Friday, August 25, 2017

Mission Less Lethal TPR.

i've bought a gas gun that is cheap to buy & keep, that is nonlethal & legal (RMG-19 Kolter).

It's main down side is very short effective range (0,5 - 2 meters), so i've looked for better solutions.

Solution is pepper-gas-ball throwers, some of them legal and effective at a range of about 15 meters (about 50 feet).

They are far more expensive, however - and i think the ammunition & compressed CO2 containers have to be replaced quite often. This adds significiantly to the cost.

i think i'll buy one someday, but for now can't afford that.

Example of such a gun is: Mission Less Lethal TPR.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Preparing for Martial Arts Style Creation.

i've trained for about five years, it's not long.

Yet, i've absorbed many of mind-lessons, including meditation & breath.

i've a strong wish to create my own enlightening martial arts style, for benefit of myself & others.

i've decided that a central lesson would be Qi Gong, energetic practice for physical health & mental benefits of the Shaolin Monastery, from which all Martial Arts emerged.

i've rethought foundations & attitude of my training to follow, which is summarized in following words:
- Practice should involve Buddhist Bodhicitta & Paramitas,
- Practice should slowly start including Buddhist Kalachakra Practice,
- Practice should be seen as working with Mind & Body, with Thoughts, Emotions, Visualizations, Energy, Breath and Nervomuscular Conditioning.

Inner work will involve visualizing myself training for benefit of all, focusing earnestly on a current practice. this way bodhicitta, paramitas & mindfulness will be involved, it's an opening for accepting Kalachakra Vows as well.

It will be meditation during movement.

Breath control, rythm, self-awareness, opponents-awareness, space-awareness & time-awareness are part of internal & external practices, i should put more emphasis on this.

i should practice Qi Gong for now - not neglecting it's opening meditation, warm-up & stretching, practice should last to the point of serious tiring, but not to the point of extertion. it's because of practical reasons as health & other.

Meditation practices should not be mixed, thus meditation should be kepts basic & simple, even if i know & did more advanced meditations which are parts of different teachings. over time these should evolve naturally into the more advanced, appropriate forms.

This style eventually will involve both unarmed combat as well as armed combat. Mostly a Knife & a Gas Guns of varied types (including ones that shoot pepper-gas-balls or gum-balls at a quite long distance as well), but also other weapons to a lesser degree - including Ninjato, Katana Sword & Yawara.

Training should include handling self-defense in real life situations, including tight corners & open-space combat, including combat psychology, self-defense against knife, knife duels, knife throwing, disarming armed opponent - even with a pistol, shooting-range exercises & paintball exercises.

See also: Crane Style, 4th Kyu, Qigong, Protector's Outfit.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Duel Tactics: Fast Strike.

One of many possible duel tactics is to quickly & aggressively attack opponent to wear him down with painful strikes before he wears you down with his stamina.

If opponent has tight defense & great stamina however, you'll lose.

Experience in assessing weak points to attack, or at least prior knowledge of opponent is very helpful.

See also, if You wish:
- Duel Tactics: Long Fights.

Friday, May 19, 2017

A Rule of Six.

i think in my style-to-be-created, i'll focus on series of maneuvers, with each maneuver lasting about a half-second.

A single maneuver can be a punch, a kick, a breath in, a throw, distancing, two-fast-punches-while-letting-breath-out, etc ... perhaps there will be also maneuvers that will take a whole second or more. in this case it will be double- or triple-maneuver, etc.

i'll try to compose these maneuvers into series of six - that is, into the three second series.

Six is a very fluid number ... thus we can execute three times two-maneuvers, two times three-maneuvers, a three-maneuver with a two-maneuver & a breath, etc.

There should be no gaps between six-maneuvers as well.

The number of six has great mathematical properties, six-seconds times ten equals one minute, six times eighteen is the holy number of 108, six times fourteen is also holy number of 84.


In Martial Arts & related idea-worlds Aiki has following meanings:

- Balance,
- Harmony,
- Joining,
- Peace,
- Love.

- Spirit,
- Energy,
- Inner Strength,
- Lifeforce.

Aiki is also 'work', 'practice', 'training'.

Aiki in Martial Arts is also 'pulling when enemy pushes & pushing when enemy pulls' - using enemy's strength & momentum against him, to defeat with the minimal force use.

It's also 'blending in combat without clashing', finding optimal distance & position to strike - there are also methods to unbalance enemy's body & mind.

This goes well with Atemi, as one can strike, pressure or bend vital points or body parts to lead enemy's body as Martial Artist needs to win. For example by bending a joint, throwing enemy on ground, then finishing with a strike at a vital part.

Use of inner strength (ki) may involve the use of breathing coordinated with movement. This natural power can be produced when body and consciousness (mind) are unified.

Smaller, with more fragile bodies, weaker (muscles-wise, but not training-wise) Martial Artists can win against much larger, heavier or stronger-muscled enemies that way. This is good news for women as well, i think.

Greater practice with Martial Arts allows to defeat enemies without killing as well.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Limited Training.

For years i could not train, mostly because of:
- lack of money,
- mental blocks.

i could think of Martial Arts, thinking is also training on Mind level - that much i could and still can.

i am very grateful for that.

Recently matured to the decision of including Qi Gong as a central lesson in a style i wish to create, then ordered the Shaolin Qi Gong DVD training aid.

Buddhist Qi Gong is an Enlightening Activity, i read - and Shaolin is the Buddhist Monastery, afterall.

Should arrive this month.

i'll be able to practice Qi Gong in my apartment, finally a training that includes Mind & Body together, it's both inner & external lessons joined.

i am very grateful for this as well.

In future i wish to visit Shaolin Temple if possible, to receive direct transmission of Qi Gong methods for completion, then continue training & development of my style.

Friday, May 12, 2017


Bubo is a type of an Owl. Owls are symbols of Wisdom.

'Jitsu' or 'Jutsu' means a combat method, as contrasted to 'Do' - which means 'the Way'.

For example: Aikido, Aikijutsu.

Martial Arts can be either utilitarian, meant as a way of self-defense & protection - or can be a Way of Life.

Thinking is also a part of Martial Arts training, i am sure.

i am able to train that way for now at least, i am very grateful for that.

Martial Thoughts can influence how one trains & fights later.

Bubojitsu is a Philosophy aspect, a thinking aspect of the Martial Arts.

See also, if You wish: Joining Martial Arts' Pearls of Wisdom into a Mala of many Pearl Beads.