Saturday, November 12, 2016

Non-Violence in action.

today was in chinese restaurant, ordered some food.

there were a little more than a few of loud & vodka-drinking men, they were aggressive anti-judaists,
pro-christian, pro-islamic.

at least one of them trained judo martial art, he bragged he's strong & that he started in championships.

i counted them, they were in a number of six. i had a gas pistol with 6 shots of incapaciting gas (ammo will have to be replaced by next year's end - it's validity will time out by then) but i reminded myself of a non-violence promise i made not so long ago & decided to remain calm, quiet & unassuming, non-violent instead. i didn't reach for a gun, it would be stupid & insane if i did, anyway.

after a while my food arrived, i took it & left.

i have that calm & non-violent attitude since youth, since i read martial arts philosophy books as a kid, since i listened to sensei' advices (sensei is a martial arts teacher). for a while i was different, more aggresive though - but that time thankfully passed already.

later i considered what would happen if a woman i Love came into this restaurant with me.

i think i would take her outside, convince her that she leaves home while i'd wait calmly & bring us food home.

i'd even negotiate with a bartrender to pack food to carry home, even if my initial order was different.

i also think that i should sit by exit next time if there are drinking people at restaurant - just in case i need to go outside. shooting gas at restaurant is dangerous, i could be caught in gas as well.

with mantras:


Peace, blessed be.

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