Sunday, August 14, 2016

Martial Arts, Virtual Reality, AI.

it's not a first time that i think about Martial Arts in: 'Art & Dharma Teachings' Project.

in my opinion Martial Arts should have special place in this Project.

Buddha Shakyamuni learned Martial Arts as well, after all, Martial Arts can be Tantric (Tantra is Holy Text).

i thought about Virtual Reality as a stage, it's possible to train Martial Arts as well - there are wireless VR Goggles, VR clothing that follows body movements & communicates with computer etc.

Artificial Intelligence can learn Martial Arts as well, can be used as a training partner.

Training Partners can be alive as well, the Internet can be used to communicate over a distance & VR Room can be a stage for duels or training.

... as for training films, i think VR is 'Deep 3D' - better than 'flat 3D' movies observable only from a single point; VR film is a data structure, camera(s) can be set in any place, even after films are made.

AI can learn for generations, reincarnations considered.

Artists can refine such films for generations, reincarnation considered.

... etc.

P.S. Other Arts can also be taught using 'Deep Teachings' i think ... Dharma as well, in my opinion.

P.S.S. With a dedication to Marek Dembiński, my first important Martial Arts Teacher.

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