Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Languages & Wisdom of Martial Arts.

Martial Arts are very old, very wise & Philosophical.

Martial Arts use many languages, for example Animal Martial Arts Language. Martial Artists of old & recent, modern as well - study animals & their fights to create or understand or enrich styles - both old as well as new - of their own creation as well.

For example:
- if i tense muscles & my chest forward while raising arms as i am saying 'i am Gorilla' - i say 'i'll Protect',
- if i lazily pretend to kick low - i can be saying 'i have no motivation to train muscles, i'll train bone endurance on makiwara instead'; makiwara is a training sack filled with sand to prepare shin bones to kick low, middle & high; makiwara usually hangs from the low stand; untrained leg bones hurt much as kick meets opponent as well.

Animal Martial Art Languages often appear as stupid, but these carry lot of insidious wisdom nevertheless; it's a trick to confuse opponents & enemies as well.

i do not know this all very well, but i wish to improve - but not at all cost; at least i have opened eyes & Mind for that.

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