Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mudras & Chakras, Holy Way.

... had insights, but i am not expert as of yet.

i think that Mudras are Holy Gestures, i think that Martial Arts also have Mudras ... powerful Forms & Strikes, Holiness is not attained during one day.

i think that Chakras are energy centers or nervous centers in a living beings ... i think these can be also Holy.

... had insights that it's a Powerful way to fight using these methods, that i should develop these methods as far as my priorities allow, for they are underestimated by most.

(not only Atemi/Ki on Energy Centers, but also the efficiency of my own body's energy use during the combat).

Other ideas to consider: Atemi or Ki?, Qigong, Long Fights, Sources of Martial Arts Philosophy, ...

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