Monday, February 29, 2016


Okinawan kobudō, or simply kobudō, refers to the weapon systems of Okinawan martial arts.

There are weapons, there are kobudō styles that use different weapon combinations.

While i am not too picky, i prefer to not waste time ... i'll use kobudō as a way to learn:
- Unarmed,
- Tantojutsu (including knife throwing),
- Wakizashi,
- Bo & Jo,
- Katana,
- Ninjatō,
- Gun (Nonlethal Gas Gun during Peace, Lethal Glock Gun in case of War),
- Sniper Rifle (only during War).

... other important tools are:
- meditation,
- awareness & timing,
- a proper breathing methods,
- atemi, ki, chakras & qigong,
- movement & balance methods,
- strikes, mostly with arms, legs & weapons,
- mental & physical readiness for a long fights - even in a difficult situations,
- mental & physical readiness for a short fights - even in a difficult situations,
- grapples, throws & chokes,
- basics of fighting on ground,
- resistance against falling on ground, or being dragged down,
- ammo conservation & awareness of available tools,
- iai,
- methods for figthing against one enemy, as well as against more ... an exact number depends on tools,
- tactics,
- combat psychology,
- ...

... that's how i see this for now.

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