Monday, February 15, 2016

Free Tibet.

... contrary to common opinion, i think Tibet's Freedom can be defended without war with China.

- how?
- by fighting worst common enemy, Terrorism.

- is it against Buddha?
- i think not. i serve Buddha, then Poland & NATO, using Chinese Methods for defeating Terrorism.

- do i serve China?
- yes, but not as a priority, i fight for Tibet's Freedom by serving China as a price. by fighting Terrorism.

- does fighting Terror in Poland helps China as well?
- i think yes, they have less places to run ... and hacking & the internet can reach far. Martial Arts as well, but with less of quickness & speed.

- is there anything else to add?
- i admire Shaolin Buddhist Monastery, in a Henan Province, China. other Shaolin Temples & places as well.

- which method is my operations?
- counterintelligence including intelligence & HACKINT (hacking intelligence, tech steals), a part of SIGINT (signals intelligence, sensors) with strong focus on TEXTINT (textual intelligence, keyloggers), but also IMINT (image intelligence, image & text recognition software ... but not just yet) ... perhaps more in future as well.

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