Monday, January 18, 2016

Is Kiai important?

i think yes,

Kiai is paralyzing/weakening shout that is practiced as part of Karate, probably other Martial Arts as well.

i was advised to shout HUNG Mantra as Kiai, Mantra that develops both Body (Affecting Mind first, then Speech & Body), as well as Fearlessness Aspect of Mind.

HUNG Mantra transforms Anger into Fearlessness.

had insight that i have Karateka's HUNG Mantra ... there was a time when i've impressed myself with HUNG Mantra in a Buddhist Center during Meditation.

let's remind ourselves that Martial Arts come from Ancient Shaolin, a Buddhist Monastery in Henan provice, China.

Karate comes from Okinawa, near Japan ... but it's roots date to Shaolin as well.

in Buddhism one focuses on Mind's development, then thoughts & feelings become Speech & Actions of the Body.

... just had insight that with proper Speech development, Body's development is better.

i think it's probably true.

therefore, developing Kiai also helps in developing Martial Artist's Body, because of it's roots in Shaolin & Buddhism.

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