Saturday, September 26, 2015

Re-Training Crotch & Groin Kicks.

... had insight, i follow with a little of a training, will intensify efforts if i feel a need or neccessity.

i should re-train kicks aimed at crotch (sexual organs between legs) & groin (inner part of legs, next to crotch).

more of a dynamics, adding a 'spring step' to it - as an additional option.

should work in multiple distances, not only extend distance.

i think it fits well with both Kokutsu-Kiba as well as with Aiki-Tsuki parts of the Crane Aspect of a Style i am developing.


  1. (EN) 'spring step' is a step during movement execution, either during movement to a desired distance or during a kick.

    'spring' movement comes from releasing tension from muscles.

    these kicks can be either mawashi (more coming around, from side, with a raised hip) or going more upwards from lowered leg position.

  2. (EN) Benefits that i can think of when practicing adding a 'spring' are:
    - when interrupted, when got hit, when muscles are tense ... these kicks can still be effective,
    - generally stronger & more flexible legs ... more durability during fights, stronger kicks, more skillful & precise kicks.

    (EN) Spring Kick = (PL) Kopnięcie z chwilowym spięciem mięśni, z krótką spinką, na spince.

  3. (EN) is it worth to train such things? a thought occured to me: 'if something can happen in combat, it's worth to train with this'.

    another of benefits that occured in my mind were:
    - Mind Training (Will to fight, Courage, Mental Durability During Fight despite wounds & pain, thinking in combat, being prepared for a situation),
    - Warrior's Spirit (Many things, including Mental & Physical ... i do not know what Warrior's Spirit is, but i feel that something fights through me when i fight, so i don't fight alone that way),
    - Speed of kicks, perhaps not only when wounded or tired,
    - Ability to fight after a long march or run.

  4. (EN) i should add that during fight with weapons ability to use tense muscles is invaluable ... both during movement to proper distance as well as with kicks.