Saturday, July 25, 2015

How to Practice?

... with lack of funds, lack of time ?

i learned that with other motivated people it's easier to find motivation, to abolish mental blocks.

how to earn that 2nd Dan i wish to earn in this life?

Friday, July 24, 2015

Know Yourself, Breathe, ...

i think there's exercise with breath & introspection.

one can focus on a body part or other thing as weapon being extension to body, using imagination perhaps as well ...

... i heard Japanese soldiers do this exercise as part of their training.

i read that breath joins what's conscious with what's subconscious.

by meditating on breath, focusing on energies flow to certain body part(s), one can understand better that part.

perhaps it's useful in training.

for now i use this mostly by focusing on breath in stomach,

imagining Mantra for Wisdom appearing in that body part,

being aware of stomach,

... in an attempt for burning fat & working with muscles around.

Friday, July 10, 2015

O Soto-Rei Uchi.

Soto means 'movement toward inside, absorption of a lesson, accepting a lesson'.
Rei means a bow, the practice of bowing is about defeating one's ego, of becoming a better person. internally & outwardly. a fight against oneself for perfection.
Uchi means 'movement toward outside, lessons' externalization'.

O means wisdom, mostly, even if idiots disagree or attempt to make bad jokes.

'Yokochama Dreams... ' .

trained recently fairly often in psychiatric hospital with a taoist youngster martial artist.

we tried to help each other with material possession & talks, including martial arts.

did yoko-geri-chudan (side kick at middle-height body part) few times, very rude kick.

he's better than me in Martial Arts, but i still had my way for now.

he thaught me few symbols (guards, strikes, postures) that can be used in a talk.