Tuesday, February 17, 2015


i am not expert, but have insights.

not sure how true or false they are, but i filter out those insights that do not seem to make sense at all.

i also think.

Stratics - Strategy of Assigning Tactics, to learn & use.

insight tells me that most basic form of Stratics is to assign Tactics by 2 criteria:
- most importantly by least amount of person's responsibilities, mostly in tactics,
- then by how fitting the new tactic is for a person to accomplish tasks - both general & specific.

so they are given as need arises, as fight goes on.

Self Defense Trio.

How to prepare properly for defending a family, friends & allies against personal-level violence & attacks?

i think, but am not expert that one has to prepare with:
- Martial Arts, Army Training or similar Self-Defense Methods,
- Tactics,
- Psychology.

Self-Defense Weapons are useful, training is required.

i consider this training part of Martial Arts, Army Training or Similar Self-Defense Methods.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


- When to Fight?
- For Enlightened Love, in my case.

- When to Stop?
- Not prematurely. Premature peace is a failure.