Saturday, January 3, 2015

Team Communication Security.

i think team coordination & communication is useful for personnel security tasks, as well as for other tactical tasks.

1. Communications HQ & it's Tasks.

(to be elaborated if/when i can).

(will also consider, if i can:
- Direct Signals - Words & Gestures, Symbolism of an Art, codes, even a 'proper' Fashion,
- the Internet Communication & Security including email messages, websites, other applications,
- Smartphone / Tablet Communications & Security,
- Radio-Frequency-Wave Communications,
- TV/Radio media in Communication, proper Advertisements, etc; 'All Art is Propaganda'.
- Nonstandard, perhaps hidden, Communication Methods,
- Multimedia Transmission - use of text, voice, sound, images & media in an information relay. it's faster to understand orders that way, i think. Art, Psychology & Manipulation are neccessity for that advantage,
i think.).

-- Paraphrased from 'Taktyka działań ochronnych. Ochrona osób.' by Jarosław Kaczyński.
-- i've translated & paraphrased as well as i could & understood. it's best to buy book.
-- i've added a little of my opinion as well.

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