Saturday, January 10, 2015

Stationary Protection.

Personnel Protection in stationary objects is about surrounding protected personnel with Protection Rings.

Security Personnel protects 24h/day, preventing access to Protected Personnel, securing from attacks.

Everything is to be planned & orders have to be precisely, meticulously executed according to the Plan.

Stationary Object has to be described precisely, for Security to be planned well enough.

i think but am no expert - that computers, cameras & other electromechanical equipment can be useful in forming Security Rings, that can be layered & combined with Protections offered by Security Team(s), perhaps. i think that Protected People's opinion is important in whether to allow these tools at all & to what extent.

(to be elaborated if/as i can).

-- Paraphrased from 'Taktyka działań ochronnych. Ochrona osób.' by Jarosław Kaczyński.
-- i've translated & paraphrased as well as i could & understood. it's best to buy book.
-- i've added a little of my opinion as well.

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