Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tactical use of a ssh backdoor.

Not all computers are the Internet enabled or can be accessed via the Internet without extra 'care'.

i am not expert but i think.

If a tactical team goes to a site with computer, they can:

1. Connect target computer to the Internet.
2. Install a backdoor to let rest of the forces play with it as they need - obtaining information, hacking, using.

it's categorized as 'Tactical Pendrive Assault', i think.

'You can play, it's the way'.

Assault leads to close combat phase of attack, melee.

useful things to have:

1. A pendrive with Kali Linux, with ssh software as part.
2. USB device that connects computers to the Internet, or similar.
3. A practice in installing ssh backdoor really quick - in few minutes or under. ('few' is two to five).

extras (in case of team needs):

1. USB Camera.
2. Other USB devices.
3. Perhaps more.

See also: Teamwork.

Article author's note:

Foreseeing development of USB Security / Encryption in future as well. We should support.

-= Reality is NOT as in Computer Games. See: Teamwork =-.

Tactical Hacking. Is there USB port available?
If not, cables should be cut with a knife, & USB port connected.
Computer's intestines butchered.

(or a proper screwdriver / other tools used if possible).

'Disengage', disable Enemy's Defensive Perimeter.

pretty bad, destroyed hq ...


Computer's intestines.
Visible books:
- Grammar of Polish Language,
- Geometry with Linear Algebry script (MIMUW),
- Intensive Introduction to Hacking.
Visible cds:
- Hacking Multimedia Courses,
- Matrix Film,
- perhaps cds with drivers.
Invisible (on photo) books:
- Rootkits. Invisible Electronic Sabotage.
- Have Electronics & other books as well.

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