Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Protecting Personnel.

Causes of killings & methods of killers should be investigated, and considered in forming defense, individually for each Protected person.

Depending on Psychical & Physical qualities of protected person, on groups she or he belongs to (Artists, Wealthy people, etc..) attackers can be guessed as well as the methods of attack, at least to certain degree - for there are also unknown factors.

Common qualities as well as differencies should be considered when protecting a group of people. These qualities allow for creation, selection & using of optimal methods of Personnel Protection.

Qualities of Personnel to pay attention for include mostly:

- Emotional relations with society & certain groups within - intensity & types of emotional feelings.
- Amount of time, or perhaps constant time of being in center of attention of society or certain groups within.


- Behaviors & Causes,
- Relations with people surrounding,
- Position, responsibilities,
- Personality traits as ability to form compromise, to admit committing an error, tolerance to changes in plans & decisions, ability to accept suggestions & help,
- Behaviors at work places, in organizations,
- Self-discipline,
- Relation to security & tactics choices.

-- Paraphrased from 'Taktyka działań ochronnych. Ochrona osób.' by Jarosław Kaczyński.
-- i've translated & paraphrased as well as i could & understood. it's best to buy book.

See also: Teamwork.

Knowing Your Team & it's Methods can also be part of 'Knowing Yourself' as in Know Yourself, Know Enemy, even if You are not a Team's Leader.

'Know Your Forces, Know Your Way'.

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