Thursday, December 18, 2014

Martial Arts & Tactics.

- is tactic part of Martial Art training?
- i think it can be part of Martial Arts training, part of work on Mind level if You understand Buddhist approach enough.

- will Tactics & Tactical thinking be part of this blog?
- yes, as soon as i can i'll share my thoughts on how Sun Tzu's Art of War, various Martial Art philosophy books & Tactic manuals can be joined into complete system. perhaps at first it won't be perfect, but i'll still post to encourage thinking & discussion. perhaps i'll mention hacking as a tool of obtaining information as well few or several times.

- will i mention Terrorism & Anti-Terror Tactic in this blog?
- perhaps yes. it's dangerous but perhaps can help to combat terror a little. could use inspiration for that. feel free to contact me if something i post is harmful more than it helps - i'll remove as soon as possible, or perhaps reedit.

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