Wednesday, December 24, 2014


to Protect, one has to know & understand killers & their motives (the 'Know Enemy' doctrine).

i am not sure if it's history that creates killers, or the other way around - probably both.

there's insane potential of destruction in every human.

every leader attracts attention and is target of possible killers who attempt to bypass security rings around them, to outmaneuver forces that protect, in the attempt of to kill leader.

killer's motives fall into categories that include:
- personal gain, wealth - it's business of the crime, ego play,
- ideological issues - often political groups attack other with special forces that way,
- psychological issues - ambition, 'accusing' someone of imagined or true guilt toward killer.

order givers:
- national agencies.
- criminal organizations.

killers from national agencies have expensive & sophisticated resources, as well as methods.

killers from criminal organizations often use guns, close combat weapons, exploding devices often
self-produced. they select carefully timing, analyze tasks, take time selecting target defining strong & weak points.

i'll skip kill planning description on this blog, to not teach & to not harm.

but i'll mention that victims are observed & analyzed before kill attempt.

'Know Your Forces, Know the Plan'.

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