Saturday, December 27, 2014

Killer Characteristics.

Who is potentially killer?

based on research it's mostly males:

- small posture,
- disintegrated family,
- without father, or without feelings toward father,
- born outside national borders,
- shying away from other people,
- without wife, staying away from women,
- without work for 1-3 years before kill attempt,
- no active life,
- identifying with religious or political movement,
- considering their deed 'just' & true to their views.

other researches notice mental ilnesses, sad childhood, sensivity.

'So mad'.

killers often consider themselves martyrs.

'So sad'.

political killer is someone detached from any rational political direction or social doctrine.

'So detached, so bad'.

-- Paraphrased from 'Taktyka działań ochronnych. Ochrona osób.' by Jarosław Kaczyński.
-- i've translated & paraphrased as well as i could & understood. it's best to buy book.
-- i've added a little of my opinion as well.

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