Monday, December 22, 2014

a Dog of a Camera.

Dogs play Important role in Personnel Protection, i noticed in important book about Security of Personnel Tactic.

i think that in hands of trained personnel (programmers, hackers),

USB Camera can be more vigilant than a dog, perhaps with proper training & montage - screwdriwer & tools as extra cables, stands or other solutions are needed,

Computer programs can raise alarms very well, based on USB Camera input.

Computer programs can also handle defense/alarm system automation, perhaps under human personnel supervision.

Computer (or smartphone sooner or later) does not have biological needs or breaks for these, but needs electricity & communication.

Therefore, it is immune to gas attacks & similar. but there are gases that sabotage infrastructure chemically.

Both Computers, as well as Tablets & Smartphones can be programmed & connected to USB Cameras with more or less effort.

i think this can be used Tactically, to support Antiterror.

Dogs of Cameras do not bark, unless connected to 'a computer' that can make that sound somehow.

See also, if You wish: How to turn usb camera into motion sensor.

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