Friday, October 3, 2014

Methods of Fighting Fear & Terror.

(i am not an expert, but i think).

how to combat terror if You are Buddhist?

i think it's about terror cause finding, elimination then purification of terror's & elimination's effects.

combat might require redirection of their fear projection back at attackers - but it needs to be purified later.

training such methods of fighting fear might involve scaring a little training partner, with goal to allow him or her be stronger that way.


  1. purification of psychological damage might involve work of psychologists, i think.

  2. how to redirect fear's energy back at attacker? prepare mentally & physically for combat - then use mind tricks.

    for example: if enemy tries to blind you by guiding to look at light, call it black light of his own fear and reflect with dagger at his eyes.

  3. - how to prepare mentally for combat?
    - meditate if you can, calm mind, read about combat methods & related philosophy - this changes thinking.