Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Inspiring Iaido Teachers.

Hanshi Tomasz Piotrkowicz, perhaps will learn Iaido from him (if i can).

but also:

- Yamatsuta Shigeyoshi,
- Hasegawa Eishin,
- Hayashi Rokudayu Morimasa.

what i know about these Masters?

Hasegawa Eishin, living in Edo period, learned iaido of Hayashizaki school from Manno Nobusada about time of Kyoho era. Today he's acknowledged as first true master of this school since times of her founding master. It is by all means probable that learned by him classic techniques of iai Hayashizakiryu style were executed from standing position or from tatehiza, meaning 'with knee risen'.

Hayashi Rokudayu Morimasa served mr. Yamauchi Toyomasa. Secrets of iai of Eishin school he learned under direction of Arai Seitetsu as he served on duty. Kendo teacher of Morimasa was master of Shinkage style, Oomori Rokurozaemon Masamitsu. This Masamitsu created many techniques of taking sword & attacking from sitting position, whose he did transmit to Morimasa among other techniques. It's acknowledged that Morimasa included these techniques into Eishin school training programme. Today they are called Shodenoomori style.

Hanshi Tomasz Piotrkowicz:

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