Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Good Style.

- are Martial Arts 'good style'?
- i think they are and should be, life should be more than killing & insulting others.

- are 'low methods' or 'black tricks' useful in combat?
- perhaps yes, but in my case i'd prefer to train other methods, no less effective. but psychological preparation for these, for combat & for difficult situations is welcome & needed.

- Would i train for her these tricks?
- yes, if she would tell me.

- would i neglect any lesson from teacher?
- no.

- does 'bad style' have anything to do with Karate or Tantojutsu lessons i participated in?
- no.

- what about other Fighting Styles i participated in?
- varied methods, varied impressions - sometimes 'good', sometimes 'bad'. but i know very little of anything other than Karate Kyokushinkai.

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