Monday, October 27, 2014

Combat Skill or Warrior's Spirit?

as not too far as i know: (i've read a little & trained a little)

many Martial Art Schools - especially in past - put emphasis on training Warrior's Spirit, to prepare a Man to overcome obstacles & survive hardships in life.

but in real fight, combat skill is much more effective.

to defeat opponent in combat, most natural way is to learn proper combat skill first.

but the Warrior's Spirit is useful in any type of combat.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Power of Creative Simplicity.

i think, and many others as well:

- showoff doesn't win fights, nor too elaborate & unpracticed moves, for example: imperfectly trained roundhouse kicks,
- it's better to know fewer simple but masterfully trained methods, simple strikes & such,
- legwork is VERY important,
- it's important to combine mastered strikes with legwork & creativity in the fight.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weapon counters weapon.

As title says, certain weapons counter certain weapons.

for example:

Spear (Yari) vs Knife (Tanto).

While often longer range wins, there are methods of dodging or parrying the spear's attack & closing the distance - at which knife has advantage.

But if defense is 'overdone' - moves too large, it will fail.

Yari is not useless at closest distance, for it can be used to push opponent away.

See also: Is Ideal Strategy Ideal?, Teamwork.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


i've experienced that State of Mind during Martial Arts Training & during a walk.

1. intuition when it came to 'feinting' or 'marking' a left Seiken Tsuki Karate strike.
2. Awareness intuition when i've walked, perhaps related to Iaido.

i hope more of such will awaken with time.

perhaps i have talent for Martial Arts, perhaps not as great as of many, but still nice.

[ if Buddhas & Gods agree, then i'd like to have such Intuitive talents for Mindfulness, Awareness (focused & unfocused), Atemi, Iaido, Distraction, Tempo & Speed - it's a wish & a prayer if possible. ]

Mindfulness & Martial Arts.

- Does Mindfulness practice have use in Martial Arts?
- i think yes, very much.

Liberation & Freedom.

what is Liberation?

what is True Freedom?

can it be achieved even under Oppression of other Nation?

i think yes.

Friday, October 10, 2014


- left or right leg in front is better?
- depending on situation.

if we wish to protect knife from being kicked out of hand for example, left position is better. if we face knife though, right position is far superior for we do not wish to have left arm cut. but i think that Versatility is important in many other situations as well, for example when we have a muscle strain. i've trained few combat positions, with the same arm & leg in front at the same time, but with different foot positions.

i've heard on training lesson - that with left arm in front, it's more defensive position - for left hand can capture or divert the opponent's knife - then we can follow with counter-strike. i'll have to check throughly to confirm.

Can better training win against better weapon?

while i lack in 'training department', i've seen & heard that it's possible to win with better training against better arms.

for example: with a knife vs. sword & shield.

it's not so easy though.

See also: Teamwork.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Good Style.

- are Martial Arts 'good style'?
- i think they are and should be, life should be more than killing & insulting others.

- are 'low methods' or 'black tricks' useful in combat?
- perhaps yes, but in my case i'd prefer to train other methods, no less effective. but psychological preparation for these, for combat & for difficult situations is welcome & needed.

- Would i train for her these tricks?
- yes, if she would tell me.

- would i neglect any lesson from teacher?
- no.

- does 'bad style' have anything to do with Karate or Tantojutsu lessons i participated in?
- no.

- what about other Fighting Styles i participated in?
- varied methods, varied impressions - sometimes 'good', sometimes 'bad'. but i know very little of anything other than Karate Kyokushinkai.

Inspiring Iaido Teachers.

Hanshi Tomasz Piotrkowicz, perhaps will learn Iaido from him (if i can).

but also:

- Yamatsuta Shigeyoshi,
- Hasegawa Eishin,
- Hayashi Rokudayu Morimasa.

what i know about these Masters?

Hasegawa Eishin, living in Edo period, learned iaido of Hayashizaki school from Manno Nobusada about time of Kyoho era. Today he's acknowledged as first true master of this school since times of her founding master. It is by all means probable that learned by him classic techniques of iai Hayashizakiryu style were executed from standing position or from tatehiza, meaning 'with knee risen'.

Hayashi Rokudayu Morimasa served mr. Yamauchi Toyomasa. Secrets of iai of Eishin school he learned under direction of Arai Seitetsu as he served on duty. Kendo teacher of Morimasa was master of Shinkage style, Oomori Rokurozaemon Masamitsu. This Masamitsu created many techniques of taking sword & attacking from sitting position, whose he did transmit to Morimasa among other techniques. It's acknowledged that Morimasa included these techniques into Eishin school training programme. Today they are called Shodenoomori style.

Hanshi Tomasz Piotrkowicz:

Friday, October 3, 2014

Methods of Fighting Fear & Terror.

(i am not an expert, but i think).

how to combat terror if You are Buddhist?

i think it's about terror cause finding, elimination then purification of terror's & elimination's effects.

combat might require redirection of their fear projection back at attackers - but it needs to be purified later.

training such methods of fighting fear might involve scaring a little training partner, with goal to allow him or her be stronger that way.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

5-Year Training Started.

it seems i can Train for 5 years without going into the mortgage debt.

so it started.

i'll have some duties, beside Buddhism - as i perceive it, for 5 years then perhaps more.

Different Schools - Different Ceremonies.

(i think but am no expert yet).

if Martial Arts adept(-s) go(-es) to different School than before, he or she should respect new Ceremony, exact execution of exercises which might differ from exercises trained before.

it's not easy to switch immediately for nervomuscular system is trained and new behaviors need to be re-trained, but effort should be made - i think at ease, Mindfully, taking enough of time (but not too much of time), to not create unneccessary dramas.

it's polite to be honest & true after all, this includes being true to Your training, behaviors & reflexes.

but old School's Teachers should not be abadonned, i also think. in my case, goal is to join Schools, not to create unneccessary schism.