Sunday, August 24, 2014

Atemi Basics.

Atemi is Art of attacking Vulnerable Points. With Weapon such as Knife, or with Unarmed Martial Art Style.

There are many vulnerable points that can be attacked, but i know only of few.

1. Eyes,
2. Nose Center,
3. Below Nose, (different attack vector than nose center),
4. Lower parts of face - center, left, right,
5. Ears,
6. Throat,
7. Neck,
8. Solar Plexus,
9. Liver,
10. Spleen,
11. Armpits,
12. Inner sides of Elbows,
13. Wrists,
14. Genitals,
15. Knees,
16. Slightly above Knees,
17. Slightly below Knees,
18. Where Thighs join with Hips.

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