Monday, August 25, 2014

Seoi Nage.

i know this slightly (1 year of Judo training).

falling on the training mat is rather painful, i think.

feels like an 'earthquake', they say.

O Soto Gari.

Know it slightly (1 year of Judo training), it's quite fun.

i think it's combinable with Hiza Geri Karate Kick.

First part of the move (grab, closing distance) can evolve either into Hiza Geri (Knee Strike) or into O Soto Gari, and more.

Tomoe Nage.

Know it slightly (1 year of Judo training), it's quite fun.

Arm Stretching & General Warmup.

i know that Martial Arts practice requires General Warmup.

for Knife Martial Art, Arms Stretching & Warmup should be important part, i think.

but one should not neglect legs' warmup & whole body's, as they are important as well.

Martial Artists fight using whole Body, even if arms carry the strike.

legs & hips for example add Momentum (product of mass & velocity vector) to the Strikes & other Moves.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Atemi Basics.

Atemi is Art of attacking Vulnerable Points. With Weapon such as Knife, or with Unarmed Martial Art Style.

There are many vulnerable points that can be attacked, but i know only of few.

1. Eyes,
2. Nose Center,
3. Below Nose, (different attack vector than nose center),
4. Lower parts of face - center, left, right,
5. Ears,
6. Throat,
7. Neck,
8. Solar Plexus,
9. Liver,
10. Spleen,
11. Armpits,
12. Inner sides of Elbows,
13. Wrists,
14. Genitals,
15. Knees,
16. Slightly above Knees,
17. Slightly below Knees,
18. Where Thighs join with Hips.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Slap at face with a Knife.

It's nonlethal warning, can be executed from 'high guard' position or a 'x-guard' half-position, perhaps more.

It's similar to standard hand-slap at cheek.

With knife held in right hand, it can be executed from left to right (uchi, as in uchi-uke block, or backhand slap with a Knife) or right to left (soto, or a forehand slap).

I've had insight that resulted in discovery of this method... for both unarmed & armed fight.

Discovery is not enough, should be practiced to be an effective nonlethal warning.

Sheathed Knife can also be used to slap nonlethally.

See this film, for an example. This example includes combinations of punches with slaps or other nonlethal moves.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Uraken-Tsuki not with a Knife in a Overgrip.

Uraken-Tsuki - reversed punch strike - won't work with a Knife in a 'overgrip', at least in my hands.

Because blade would hit other hand during strike, or at least cause it to leave a Guard.

Perhaps Experts could do it better.

There are other punches with a Knife in hand.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Armed / Unarmed Style.

i think that Armed / Unarmed style is far superior to either of these two in separation.

We can attack with arms & legs, keeping a knife as an 'assecurer' - using only if neccessary.

That way we can employ nonlethal methods easier.

If we have to fight lethally it's also an advantage to have more options.

If neccessary we can also punch with the knife-hand, we just need to switch grip into seiken around the knife's handle & move knife sideways to not thrust or cut attacked person - for example.

There are more nonlethal moves with the knife-hand/forearm/elbow, many of them not requiring knife to touch the target, even if it's held in the clenched fist.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Touched Forehead with a Knife.

HK-744, a Survival / Battle, Tactical Knife held in hand.

Touched my Forehead, where Thrid Eye is Located, with this Knife.

Perhaps will have Insights into a Knife / Unarmed Martial Art Style.

Perhaps this requires Psychosomatic Course as well, which i got at a Young or Very Young age.

Perhaps this requires Acupuncture as well, which i got at Young or Very Young age.

Perhaps this requires Way of Insight of Buddhism, or a Proper Prayer at least.