Thursday, June 12, 2014

X-Guard, a half-position.

i noticed that there's interresting position that occurs in between many moves.

in context of this post:

* 'knee block readiness' is both forearms horizontal at waist level, hand above hand, in preparation for softening and stopping or diverting a knee strike.

* 'standard guard' is with both forearms covering upper torso and chins, with fists just ahead and below ears. elbows close to body, and fairly close to each other, so forearms are parallel to each other vertically.

when switching from these positions (in any direction), there's a point where wrists meet, almost touching, and forearms are crossed.

i call this position 'X-Guard'. many would call it 'Cross Guard' however. one does not know exact difference if any, one can only suspect.

from this position strikes can also originate, double arm push as well, haito tsuki described earlier, perhaps more moves too.

i think 'X-Guard' can be another point when either of a half-horizontal guards (one forearm horizontal at waist level, other forearm vertical with fist next to chin) can be reached. or a 'standard guard' can be reached. or 'knee blocking readiness' position can be reached as well... switching from this point to such guards will require training for coordination and thus also speed. Opposite ways as well.

it has uses. for example when opponent starts a strike, then changes mind and returns (to position) when we move arms to block, we can strike from X-Guard, attacking tempo that way... we are faster and perhaps will hit opponent before he's able to defend properly. i had insight that such can be called 'attack from a half-position' (pl: 'atak z półpozycji').

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