Friday, June 13, 2014

Muscles & Nervous System.

one can think, but i am no expert.

one can think that any a Martial Artist needs to have properly prepared (trained) nervous system & muscles, among other things.

nervous system carry information, 'orders' for muscles & other body parts to be executed after a Martial Artist decides to make a move.

unprepared nervous system is inefficient at delivering such 'orders' for muscles, causing some of muscles to oppose other muscles, with result of very slow, weak, imprecise, tiring, painful moves such as strikes or other moves.

trained muscles allow for proper move execution and are efficient at such. they are not only properly formed (physical shape), but also proper type, amount and so on.

muscles & nervous system are developed during whole training, not only during Kihon. Kihon is most basic moves repetition, in opinion of mine - still most important in developing muscles & nervous system.

after repeating the same move many times, body adapts, making the move executed easier, faster, better, more precisely... if trained with proper focus, dedication, intensity & effort.

different moves require different training, martial art styles are combinations of what works well together in my opinion. it's worth in my opinion to learn from the best, as long the initial training experience proves that the style suits your preferences, body health & such. many martial artists spend 3 years seeking proper teacher, before deciding to join a school.

adding moves, such as adding half-positions and moves that can be executed from such, requires additional training, judging from my experience. one thinks that basics should be mastered first, before enriching one's style with more details and not only details.

recently i've started to practice a move from 'standard guard' mentioned earlier, to 'knee block readiness' position mentioned earlier. opposite move as well (in opposite direction). goal was (and is) that one understands 'X-Guard' better, and practice nervomuscular paths around it*. noticed some strain in muscles as one proceeded, so one knows that this move can also be optimized, trained to be effortless, fast and well known part of one's a fighting style. so this one can feel certain during such maneuvers.


- can nervous system be attacked?
- one thinks yes... if one understands anatomy & practices this Atemi on a nervous system. one such as i has that as a homework to do for one of my teachers at least (Ju-Jitsu, perhaps more).

-- neomahakala108


* PL: 'i praktykować ścieżki nerwomięśniowe dookoła półpozycji eks-gardy'

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