Saturday, May 24, 2014

i don't know Bushido.

Buddha Siakjamuni trained Martial Arts, other Buddhas also as far as i know but perhaps different way.

in my opinion:

Buddhist Martial Artist should be a Honorable Man.

Honor includes keeping his word and protecting the weak as much as is possible.

Honor includes being independent, but also considering Loved Ones, Friends, Allies and such in one's efforts.

Honor requires taking responsibility for one's actions.

Honor requires using head, but not without Wisdom and Mind if one can.

Honor requires Fearlessness or at least Courage.

Honor requires Compassion.

Perhaps more.

i think that any Buddhist wishing for Enlightened Love should listen to Enlightened Qualities of his or her partner instead of Delusions. See their perfection with Loving Eyes and treat them with True Respect, asking for effort if neccessary among other things. Still learning that.

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