Saturday, March 29, 2014

Shadow Impersonation.

This problem i have during training... during shadow fight i try to imagine an enemy (abstract enemy), but then, wrong mental image keeps appearing.

Of someone i love, instead of an abstract enemy.

How to proceed in these conditions? I have to be sure i am not hurting her that way, only then i'll be able to proceed.

i do not want to condition myself into attacking someone who looks like her, so i stop training for now.

i'll try 'Meditation on the Breath' instead.



(Meditation of the Small Way)

We sit as straight as we can without being tense. Then we focus on our body and try to completely relax our back, stomach, shoulders, hands, arms, neck, and head. We also relaxed our face. Our eyes and mouth are lightly closed.

We focus on the stream of air that comes and goes at the tip of our nose and breathe deeply a few of times. Then our attention turns to our breath, in the nose or the stomach. We breathe naturally and count repeatedly from 1 to 21 or think in and out, simply observing the breath and counting along with it. When a distraction appears in the mind or our thoughts wander off, we notice it and turn our focus back to our breath. If we like, we can say thought or wandered off with our inner voice.

Observe the breath.

Our thoughts come and go. They play in the past and in the future. We just notice this and return our attention to our breath. As we breathe in and out our stomach fills and empties with air.

Continue to observe the breath.

Our mind knows the state of being distracted. Whenever this happens, we return to our breath: inhale and exhale.

Continue to observe the breath.

When we want to finish the meditation, we open our eyes and become aware of the world around us again.

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  1. Meditation quoted from the book: 'The Way Things Are' written by Lama Ole Nydahl.