Saturday, March 29, 2014

Shadow Impersonation.

This problem i have during training... during shadow fight i try to imagine an enemy (abstract enemy), but then, wrong mental image keeps appearing.

Of someone i love, instead of an abstract enemy.

How to proceed in these conditions? I have to be sure i am not hurting her that way, only then i'll be able to proceed.

i do not want to condition myself into attacking someone who looks like her, so i stop training for now.

i'll try 'Meditation on the Breath' instead.



(Meditation of the Small Way)

We sit as straight as we can without being tense. Then we focus on our body and try to completely relax our back, stomach, shoulders, hands, arms, neck, and head. We also relaxed our face. Our eyes and mouth are lightly closed.

We focus on the stream of air that comes and goes at the tip of our nose and breathe deeply a few of times. Then our attention turns to our breath, in the nose or the stomach. We breathe naturally and count repeatedly from 1 to 21 or think in and out, simply observing the breath and counting along with it. When a distraction appears in the mind or our thoughts wander off, we notice it and turn our focus back to our breath. If we like, we can say thought or wandered off with our inner voice.

Observe the breath.

Our thoughts come and go. They play in the past and in the future. We just notice this and return our attention to our breath. As we breathe in and out our stomach fills and empties with air.

Continue to observe the breath.

Our mind knows the state of being distracted. Whenever this happens, we return to our breath: inhale and exhale.

Continue to observe the breath.

When we want to finish the meditation, we open our eyes and become aware of the world around us again.

Knife Parry - Slash, a hand move.

Knife parry - slash, a hand move.

It's only a transition from a parry to a slash... Parry has to be a move that meets a blow at a certain angle and is neither too weak, nor too strong, nor too overstretched.

Can be done over a head level, but i think that in other positions it can be efficient as well.

Should work on parrying and slicing parts next.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bushido Code.

It's about Honor, about Samurai's wisdom.

I wish to learn it, to use it well.

Perhaps adjusting to my situation.

It is harder to fight with weapons, but more effective.

Without weapons only body has to be 'understood', 'felt' and 'controlled'.

With weapons, there's something in your hand (most likely) that has to be extension of your body.

So many more moves and potential errors. They have to be reduced to zero with training. Even if this goal is not reachable, it's there to strive for.

Should 'enemy' be considered here?

Only during shadow fighting.

Overall we wish to control our bodies and fight with ourselves, 'enemy' will falter (surrender or lose) automatically with time, best if without a fight... just by looking at us, via the Internet or not.

Holding a Knife.

How to hold a knife?

Depends on a knife.

But i think generally, we wish to allow for a maximum of flexibility, for rotation and such.

If a handle is taken within two fingers, it's flexible and i think not too easy to take away if someone is used to this (i am not yet - civil critic welcome).

 photo hak_zps76f88f61.jpg

A knife held, between two fingers.

Family Training.

If kids and woman are to remain safe (and man as well...), i think family should train Martial Arts together, perhaps even with friends.

Not only punches and strikes, but how to remain aware and behave in dangerous situations as well. It's self-defence aspect of Martial Arts, in a group.

How to not be scared, how to be coordinated, efficient, and if possible, how to avoid danger and combat at all.

They should think together, consider many scenarios and practice such, using experience of professionals.

They should make such decisions together, and select their roles for each of such scenarios.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Preparation for Combat.

Training prepares participant for combat - lets muscles behave certain way, as well as induces certain thinking patterns.

Over a time shape is lost, but with training it can be optimized for a certain opponent(s).

Shadow fight is especially useful for that, especially if you imagine and feel your opponent and think wisely about approaching him or her appropriately.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Combat as Way.

Do = The Way.
Jitsu/Jutsu = Combat Method.

For example: Aikido, Aikijutsu, Judo, Jujitsu, Karate-do and more... [ including Bubodo and Bubojitsu ; ) ].

Overwise Martial Artist should Train.

Train more instead of talking less.

There are many types of knives.

Abstractly (generally, and on subject) - knife is a fast weapon.

But there are many types of Knives, Daggers, Stilettos, Kunai and such.

They should be analyzed properly then used appropriately, to protect.

After analysis and training i will carry such as a warning if possible, and if neccessary for protecting by fight, even kill.

Do not worry, i do not have anyone on a 'list to kill', it's only for a warning.

It's Human Right afterall, to be able to protect life of Loved ones and defend myself.

Less than more a Philosophy.

Martial Arts Philosophy is Less than more a Philosophy.

This means, we should rather go to hell than aim too high to survive.

Without her, hell is better... for without her, i would not survive anyway, nor want to.

Martial Arts Philosophy and Fighting.

From purely Martial Arts viewpoint, they should be balanced.

Many Martial Artists are Buddhists though, and from a Buddhist perspective, perhaps a Philosophy is more important.

It's know:

* if/when NOT to Fight,
* if/when to Fight,
* how to Fight,
* how to NOT fight.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Unpracticed Methods.

i've heard this on one of my first Martial Art trainings (omitting lessons at very young age, they were more a play than training).

'Do not use unpracticed methods', more or less.

i should add: even if they are insightful.... unless you have to, but it's risky.


Incompetent or uncoordinated team hurts, but wise leader can use anyone - perhaps training them first.

More people can fill in gaps in numbers, thus reduce burden on professionals... but not always they are used.

Well coordinated, well armed and well trained team with high morale can do much more than sum of it's parts.

For protection.

Gentle Protection.

Peace won't last without people supporting it.

But also, wise won't insist on protecting someone against their will.

But also, wise will assess where's the danger and who and how should protect, at which price.

Astral Fight.

Astral Fighting is fighting emotionally and with Imagination.

Astral Space is world of Emotions and Imagination.

There is Shadow Fighting, or fighting an Imagined Enemy, i practiced this in a Professional Martial Arts Club (BKKK).

If you can feel, think like, and Imagine such an enemy, you have advantage in a training.

i think my Martial Art style is Quite Astral.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Purpose of Weapons.

For me, weapons are tools, for Protecting kids and Woman.

Best if WITHOUT fight, as a warning.

Knife is fast, so very useful for defeating more than one ill-trained and ill-equipped rapists or terrorists.

Perhaps later it'll be more efficient.


Friends & Allies can also contact me in the case of the need: , and use these words as a Warning (NOT as a threat) if they are threatened by Terror, Rape or Oppression.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Weapons and Anger Control.

It's much easier to fight without weapons, especially in training situation.

When you are forced to fight in real, it's very different - one has to overcome blocks.

When you add weapons, even for training purposes only, anger arises... it has to be controlled or Madness overcomes making combat Unreliable.

HUNG mantra helps to transform anger into fearlessness.

OM mantra helps to transform exclusive pride into nonexclusive pride.

Loving Eyes Mantra: OM MANI PEME HUNG - helps to develop Compassion and Beyond-Personal Good.