Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Unique style.

Every Artist should create her or his unique style. Including Martial Artists.

I am beginner who tried many styles, and now i start to discover new moves, which start to become natural extensions and joins with martial art methods i learned before. That is, my (weak) style starts to be coherent and internally integral.

I'm also interrested with Martial Arts (but not only Martial) philosophy, ethics, tactics, strategy, mindfulness, spirituality and religious practice Way.

I strive for nidan (2nd grade black belt more or less) equivalent of Kyokushinkai Karate (this also requires attaining 2nd dan in Kyokushinkai Karate). At moment of writing i speak from position of 7th kyu, little theory, lot of enthusiasm and six years of experience in Martial Art training.

I strive for mastering basics, not flashy moves... except for when it makes sense.

I strive for mastering Atemi and Ki.

I strive for internal and external style, or combination of such.

I strive for soft styles, with hard strikes (i admire Jujutsu, Aikijutsu, Aikido even if i know little of such, i am drawn to Yawara, but not without Kyokushinkai Karate), with little of chokes, locks, throws, pushes, defenses from grappling, mobility in combat. I am also interrested in other styles.

I strive for budo (training both unarmed and with weapons).

I do not wish to neglect awareness practice and iaido practice.

I strive to fully integrate this all with other aspects of life, at age of 56 (almost 20 from now on), and keep practicing for whole life (but not past nidan), and to not lose integrity of all my life aspect.

I am also hacker and very computer oriented person, and won't neglect this.

Sometimes i dream about 5-year seclusion from life and serious religious practice and training, but i do not insist.

I have will to fight for Enlightened Love (i am buddhist), and i can gently protect weak people (not only women), mostly as an escort.

On this blog i'll share, but perhaps not only there.


  1. if i should summarize style & ideas i strive for, i'd use following words:
    - Aiki,
    - Jiu,
    - Jitsu,
    - Karate,
    - Kobudo,
    - Iai,
    - Atemi,
    - Ki,
    - Qui-Gong.

  2. i admit i am not wisest in Martial Arts person ever.... perhaps there are words i did forget.
    perhaps i'll be able to use methods of Wing Chun for example, but i lack words for methods that impress me.