Thursday, September 21, 2017

Know Enemy: Terrorist's Mentality.

Terrorists are not above committing crimes as escorting narcotics or weapons smugglers. Motive can be to protect their own people, to arm them as well.

Abdul Hakim Murad, a terrorist interrogated by Filipinese Police before his extradition to USA admitted that United States & Israel are considered to be harmful to Muslims by Terrorists. While killing U.S. people fills them with joy, it's about Islam, not about U.S.

Suicide is punishable sin in Islam, there is hell & suffering for that.

But those who are patient, prepare, fight & die for Allah are welcomed in heavens as Martyrs - with a proper rewards.

Many of Terrorists & Paramilitary groups have strong ideology & companionship sense, can distinguish good from evil clearly, mostly in the black and white terms - but for their Causes they can do anything, the Cause explains all.

Psychological diagnosis of Terrorists didn't show mental illness symptoms in most cases, even if their activity is considered by reasonable men & women as insane. But psychology has a strict definitions of mental illness & symptoms anyway. There are many different psychological types among Terrorists.

Osama Bin Laden, the Terrorist Leader responsible for World Trade Center Attack, had a certain magnetism. He called to prevalent in the Muslim World feelings of humiliation & helplesness. He could show black & white to those for whom life became too complex. Additionally he gave them sense that they are worthy of a given mission.

Islamic Terrorists use prayers & religious texts to reinforce their faith, to disregard troubles, inconveniences & hardships on their way to 'the martyrdom'.

They plan, train, learn about killing methods, make connections, collect weapons, recruit & indoctrinate people.

Their plans include possibility of getting caught - so they have weapons & check them before 'missions'.

Their faith makes them not worry about consequences, they adhere to 'holy rites', for example they can bathe before going on their last run.

They use subterfuge & misdirection, carrying 'pledges' - as it was for example with holy christian cross, bible, priest's robes & pope's image when they planned to kill pope. In case of getting checked these 'pledges' would give them credibility as they lied to authorities.

-- Source: 'Al-Kaida. Bractwo Terroru.' by Paul L. Williams (a Book about Al-Qaueda, Brotherhood of Terror).

Monday, September 18, 2017

Keep Training.

One of my friends once said that he finished his martial arts training, reaching Mastery level.

Is this the end?

No!!! Keep training!!!

One has to keep training for whole life and more (consider reincarnation) to not lose shape.

Mastery - black belt - is 1st Dan - but for many it's only beginning of the true training.

Even after 10th Dan when there is no more of official ranks to gain, even at old age, one has to keep training.

After 10th Dan in one Martial Art, there are other Martial Arts as well to expand for - so there's very much to do.

But even if one decides to focus on a single style - one should train after maximum rank - there's still very much to do.

At youth i wished to attain at least 2nd Dan - preferably much more.

This blog's author wishes to reach 2nd Dan in this life if possible - in his own martial arts style as well as in Karate - no more, no less.

This blog's author wishes to reach 3rd Dan in this life if possible in Tantojutsu.

This blog's author wishes to practice many other Martial Art styles as well, not sure about rank aspirations as of yet, however.

This blog wishes to attain efficiency of inner ways - including Qi Gong, in martial arts philosophy & in the martial arts mantras - efficiency at 10th Dan levels in this life, if possible.

But still i wish to train after reaching these ranks.

i advise this attitude for other martial artists as well.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Protector's Outfit.

To Protect effectively, one has to wear & carry proper clothing & tools.

Pants have to stretch, to protect from wear, temperature & sweat, to allow for kicking & running.

There's the need for convenient pockets to carry & conceal weapons as a gas gun or other.

-=- Mahakala's Outfit. -=-

Camo Pants i am wearing are designed for Military Martial Arts (Combat 56).

It's easy to do even high kicks with these pants, without damaging them at all - these stretch easily, by nature of stretchable thermoactive material used to make them.

These were made for military, for combat & camouflage - but there are no pockets as extra weight would hinder body balance & kicks.

No need to worry for damaging things in pockets as well.

-=- A Gas Pistol in a Coat. -=-

My utility coat's pockets are large enough to carry, protect & conceal my gas pistol.

If needed, i can carry my survival / combat knife in this or another pocket as well.

These pockets are closed with metal zip for extra protection.

For now i carry my knife in backpack however to not tempt me - i do not wish to hurt or kill anyway - my martial arts training & a gas gun in pocket are enough for now.

i feel more Combat-Ready now than ever (for Protection & Self-Defense) - even more with my new Camo Pants for Martial Arts i got today as well.

... it's quite nonlethal & effective readiness anyway, i think.

i have many other, less accessible, less protected & smaller pockets in my coat as well - for utility, wallet & other tools.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Martial Philosophy of the Sun & a Moon.

i think Martial Arts Philosophy can be very formiddable.

It's more important to outthink enemy than outfight him or her.

With Martial Arts Philosophy, enemy can be defeated utterly, without giving any chance for long - even after his or her defeat.

There are many Ancient Texts, with even more of modern extensions.

My Martial Philosophy should consist of two aspects.
- the Sun Aspect - Overt Protection, based on Sun Tzu's Art of War & Modern Tactics/Strategy books, as well as of enemy study such as books about Sects & Terrorism.
- a Moon Aspect - Covert Protection, Subterfuge & Lifestyle, based on the Tao Te Ching & Lao Tzu's work. Topics include Tao of Attack & Defense, Ninjutsu, Counter-Espionage & Espionage.

Sun Tzu is the Master Sun, is the Battlefield & not only.

Lao Tzu is the Gentle & Wise Master Moon, balanced Master of Tao & more.

- Perhaps i'll buy this book in future, for now i don't have. -

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Inner Way.

Blessing the Sun by WhiteBook.

Warrior's Secret Initiation.

Sun Tzu is Master Sun, as in the Art of War.

Sun Tzu is the Battlefield, but not only.

Men & Women fight for Love, their desire makes them stronger & more aggresive - but true strength requires calming mind, defeating ego, thinking, focus & controlling anger as well.


Tantra is the Holy Buddhist Text, and practices associated with that. It's not only Holy Tantric Sex.

Mantra Way.

Mantrayana is the Mantra Way.

Mantra is Protecting Sound, Mantras affect mind first, then body & speech.

Any sound can be mantra on a certain level of realization.

Mantras can be spoken in mind or aloud, i think there are mantras on body level as well - gestures, punches, kicks, holy signs, etc.

Mantrayana is a Tantra Way as well.


1. One of most important Karate lessons i had came from Sensei Andrzej Niedzielski of BKKK. He taught that meditating Martial Artists have mind & body conditioned by training, then we fight by observing both mind & body, of oneself & opponent, then playing 'a chess game' with opponent by speaking mantras in mind. Both Mind & Body is conditioned to react to mantras appropriately, reacting very fast.

2. There are Inner Lessons of Martial Arts, including Qi Gong. It's practices involving Mind & Energy, using Breath, Atemi & more as well.

3. HUNG mantra is good choice of using as Kiai, battle shout. it affects mind & body, defeats fear & anger mostly.

(i have more ideas, but i am not ready to reveal more because of my safety, idiocy & a wish to protect others - please do not hurry me too much to do so, it will benefit all far more to wait, it will protect others from stupid, misleading & false lessons as well).