Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Know Yourself, Know Enemy.

To defeat enemy in a battle, tactical or not, on small or large scale, one has to:

1. Know & Understand Yourself.

- introspection - looking inside, as in a mirror ... to describe this too precisely would hurt - everyone has her or his own introspection method(s),
- reflection - thinking about oneself, one's tools ... we prefer to not precise again,
- insight - observing mind, thoughts & feelings that appear. meditation, observing breath can be a key.

2. Know & Understand Enemy.

- spying,
- books & training courses,
- investigate causes of enmity & methods,
- analysis & internalisation.

3. Form a Plan.

i think that self-understanding is more important than understanding of opposing force(s).

not sure by how much.

but in truth both should be perfected.

4. Prepare.

- arm Your forces, even if it's only You,
- train, practice.

5. Deploy, if neccesary.

- it's best if victory occurs without battle.


it's an abstract post on how to win against enemy of any kind. it's powerful but not easy or pleasant method.

my main enemy is Ego.

i think there are also lesser tactics, less demanding for easier tasks.

should learn them as well - i think it's skillful to do that.

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