Saturday, July 22, 2017

Duel Tactics: Fast Strike.

One of many possible duel tactics is to quickly & aggressively attack opponent to wear him down with painful strikes before he wears you down with his stamina.

If opponent has tight defense & great stamina however, you'll lose.

Experience in assessing weak points to attack, or at least prior knowledge of opponent is very helpful.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

A Rule of Six.

i think in my style-to-be-created, i'll focus on series of maneuvers, with each maneuver lasting about a half-second.

A single maneuver can be a punch, a kick, a breath in, a throw, distancing, two-fast-punches-while-letting-breath-out, etc ... perhaps there will be also maneuvers that will take a whole second or more. in this case it will be double- or triple-maneuver, etc.

i'll try to compose these maneuvers into series of six - that is, into the three second series.

Six is a very fluid number ... thus we can execute three times two-maneuvers, two times three-maneuvers, a three-maneuver with a two-maneuver & a breath, etc.

There should be no gaps between six-maneuvers as well.

The number of six has great mathematical properties, six-seconds times ten equals one minute, six times eighteen is the holy number of 108, six times fourteen is also holy number of 84.


In Martial Arts & related idea-worlds Aiki has following meanings:

- Balance,
- Harmony,
- Joining,
- Peace,
- Love.

- Spirit,
- Energy,
- Inner Strength,
- Lifeforce.

Aiki is also 'work', 'practice', 'training'.

Aiki in Martial Arts is also 'pulling when enemy pushes & pushing when enemy pulls' - using enemy's strength & momentum against him, to defeat with the minimal force use.

It's also 'blending in combat without clashing', finding optimal distance & position to strike - there are also methods to unbalance enemy's body & mind.

This goes well with Atemi, as one can strike, pressure or bend vital points or body parts to lead enemy's body as Martial Artist needs to win. For example by bending a joint, throwing enemy on ground, then finishing with a strike at a vital part.

Use of inner strength (ki) may involve the use of breathing coordinated with movement. This natural power can be produced when body and consciousness (mind) are unified.

Smaller, with more fragile bodies, weaker (muscles-wise, but not training-wise) Martial Artists can win against much larger, heavier or stronger-muscled enemies that way. This is good news for women as well, i think.

Greater practice with Martial Arts allows to defeat enemies without killing as well.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Limited Training.

For years i could not train, mostly because of:
- lack of money,
- mental blocks.

i could think of Martial Arts, thinking is also training on Mind level - that much i could and still can.

i am very grateful for that.

Recently matured to the decision of including Qi Gong as a central lesson in a style i wish to create, then ordered the Shaolin Qi Gong DVD training aid.

Buddhist Qi Gong is an Enlightening Activity, i read - and Shaolin is the Buddhist Monastery, afterall.

Should arrive this month.

i'll be able to practice Qi Gong in my apartment, finally a training that includes Mind & Body together, it's both inner & external lessons joined.

i am very grateful for this as well.

In future i wish to visit Shaolin Temple if possible, to receive direct transmission of Qi Gong methods for completion, then continue training & development of my style.

Friday, May 12, 2017


Bubo is a type of an Owl. Owls are symbols of Wisdom.

'Jitsu' or 'Jutsu' means a combat method, as contrasted to 'Do' - which means 'the Way'.

For example: Aikido, Aikijutsu.

Martial Arts can be either utilitarian, meant as a way of self-defense & protection - or can be a Way of Life.

Thinking is also a part of Martial Arts training, i am sure.

i am able to train that way for now at least, i am very grateful for that.

Martial Thoughts can influence how one trains & fights later.

Bubojitsu is a Philosophy aspect, a thinking aspect of the Martial Arts.

See also, if You wish: Joining Martial Arts' Pearls of Wisdom into a Mala of many Pearl Beads.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Tempo Turn-Around.


Had insights again.

It's related with fighting with tense muscles or other body parts, therefore with an article about Re-Training Crotch & Groin Kicks as well.


When i get hit in muscles or other parts, it's natural reaction to back off, to turn defensive. after hitting once, skillful martial artists have tendency to hasten attacks, to barrage with strikes. it's also called a 'Attack Tempo Increase'.

It's related with 'Long Fights' duelling strategy as well.

When i'll be prepared to fight with tense muscles or other body parts, i can strike with stiff leg or other body part quickly - often suprising unprepared opponent, 'turning tempo against him'. Then i can increase attacks as he or she defends, forcing him or her to defensive.


It's a strong defense/aggression maneuver.

i think it can be lifesaver in many real combat situations, including when armed with weapons.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Non-Violence in action.

today was in chinese restaurant, ordered some food.

there were a little more than a few of loud & vodka-drinking men, they were aggressive anti-judaists,
pro-christian, pro-islamic.

at least one of them trained judo martial art, he bragged he's strong & that he started in championships.

i counted them, they were in a number of six. i had a gas pistol with 6 shots of incapaciting gas (ammo will have to be replaced by next year's end - it's validity will time out by then) but i reminded myself of a non-violence promise i made not so long ago & decided to remain calm, quiet & unassuming, non-violent instead. i didn't reach for a gun, it would be stupid & insane if i did, anyway.

after a while my food arrived, i took it & left.

i have that calm & non-violent attitude since youth, since i read martial arts philosophy books as a kid, since i listened to sensei' advices (sensei is a martial arts teacher). for a while i was different, more aggresive though - but that time thankfully passed already.

later i considered what would happen if a woman i Love came into this restaurant with me.

i think i would take her outside, convince her that she leaves home while i'd wait calmly & bring us food home.

i'd even negotiate with a bartrender to pack food to carry home, even if my initial order was different.

i also think that i should sit by exit next time if there are drinking people at restaurant - just in case i need to go outside. shooting gas at restaurant is dangerous, i could be caught in gas as well.

with mantras:


Peace, blessed be.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Languages & Wisdom of Martial Arts.

Martial Arts are very old, very wise & Philosophical.

Martial Arts use many languages, for example Animal Martial Arts Language. Martial Artists of old & recent, modern as well - study animals & their fights to create or understand or enrich styles - both old as well as new - of their own creation as well.

For example:
- if i tense muscles & my chest forward while raising arms as i am saying 'i am Gorilla' - i say 'i'll Protect',
- if i lazily pretend to kick low - i can be saying 'i have no motivation to train muscles, i'll train bone endurance on makiwara instead'; makiwara is a training sack filled with sand to prepare shin bones to kick low, middle & high; makiwara usually hangs from the low stand; untrained leg bones hurt much as kick meets opponent as well.

Animal Martial Art Languages often appear as stupid, but these carry lot of insidious wisdom nevertheless; it's a trick to confuse opponents & enemies as well.

i do not know this all very well, but i wish to improve - but not at all cost; at least i have opened eyes & Mind for that.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cigarettes, Lungs & Martial Arts.

... got insights, i am not sure, but still willing to try.

... got insights that smoking properly (slightly beyond comfort zone) increases lungs efficiency - especially when dropped in time.

Lungs efficiency & breath are important in Martial Arts.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

An Example Design of Artificial Intelligence for Martial Arts.

Artificial Intelligence is a software component of a machine that learns.

Parts of AI are known, included in code, parts are unknown - to learn from available data & experiments.

Algorithm is in short a plan for a Solution, for example for 'cooking a cake' or for choosing Martial Arts style against a certain opponent.

Abstraction is in short generalization, but still on topic - with skipping part of the details for now.

As for the design:
- We wish for example to create or enrich a style to suit the needs against other style or against a certain opponent,
- We have initial style to start from or nothing at all,
- We have information about many or all of known & documented martial arts,
- We can have statistical data with styles performace against target style - including win/lose informations, amount of certain methods used (strikes, grapples, combinations, techniques, etc ...), amount of points scored with which methods as well, amount of succesful defenses & it's additional data as well,
- We can have models of combats (3D animation models) with scores & additional data as well,
- We can acquire more data in form of statistics or models, we can use even multiple models for single combat for better understanding as well (each of models can show something else, even if it's similar),
- We know the costs (measured in time to prepare mind/body & learn, for example average) of each of methods as well as our timeframe to learn the new style; we also known the 'building steps', methods that form more expensive methods as well,
- We are aware that certain longer combinations are tiring & sometimes dangerous as well,
- We analyze statistics & models to choose succesful combinations, add to proposed Solution (new style) & experiment as well. We can even generate animations (simulations) as part of experiments & learning as well.

Artificial Intelligence can help to handle large amounts of input data, categorize & make decisions based on that. We can use AI to analyze films (made simultaneously from multiple cameras at different angles) to create 3D VR model for further processing.

With proper model we can analyze fights in details, how each of moves can 'extend' into another moves, how opponent breathes, how others react to his strikes; by body reactions we can check how good his atemi & ki are.

The same we can use to analyze ourselves, to check for possible counters & defenses against these.

Then we 'know enemy' & 'know ourselves' - we can assess threats to protect against and adjust our style accordingly with counter-moves & their prerequisites.

AI can conduct experiment with models as well, simulating fights for more of statistical data.

Such data & additional software can help to plan trainings for a given person or group (against a certain opponent or against a certain style), both kihon, kata & kumite.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Martial Arts, Virtual Reality, AI.

it's not a first time that i think about Martial Arts in: 'Art & Dharma Teachings' Project.

in my opinion Martial Arts should have special place in this Project.

Buddha Shakyamuni learned Martial Arts as well, after all, Martial Arts can be Tantric (Tantra is Holy Text).

i thought about Virtual Reality as a stage, it's possible to train Martial Arts as well - there are wireless VR Goggles, VR clothing that follows body movements & communicates with computer etc.

Artificial Intelligence can learn Martial Arts as well, can be used as a training partner.

Training Partners can be alive as well, the Internet can be used to communicate over a distance & VR Room can be a stage for duels or training.

... as for training films, i think VR is 'Deep 3D' - better than 'flat 3D' movies observable only from a single point; VR film is a data structure, camera(s) can be set in any place, even after films are made.

AI can learn for generations, reincarnations considered.

Artists can refine such films for generations, reincarnation considered.

... etc.

P.S. Other Arts can also be taught using 'Deep Teachings' i think ... Dharma as well, in my opinion.

P.S.S. With a dedication to Marek Dembiński, my first important Martial Arts Teacher.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Combat Mind.

... i've heard this during a Karate lesson in BKKK from a Sensei (Martial Arts Teacher).

Trained participants fight their combats in Mind, then Body follows - as in a game of 'Chess'.

... had insights that best use Mind & Mantras to make decisions & attack opponent ... then trained body follows with maneuvers or maneuver series.

... had insights that Mantras can also be used attack Chakras of Opponents, then Body or Speech (Kiai) does that as well.

... i'll call this method, when combined with acute situation awareness: Combat Mind.

(Mantra is 'Protecting sound', any sound can be Mantra. Mantras can be spoken aloud or quietly, in Mind).

See also, if You wish or need, ... : Mudras & Chakras, Holy Way, Is Kiai important?.